WAEC Data Processing Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

WAEC Data Processing Past Questions and Answers PDF Download| Are you going to write Data processing in the West African Examination Council examination? If yes then this is to inform you that the past questions for data processing are available and this article would provide a preview of some of those questions.

Data processing questions would help you to prepare ahead of the Data processing examinations and it is important that we give you a preview of the examination. Data processing examination has two papers namely Paper 1(Objectives) and Paper 2(Practical or Alternative to Practical).

Paper 2 has two parts for the alternative to practical examinations and Part A is theory and Part B is a test of practical work and it carries 60 marks while Paper 1 carries 40 questions which carry 40 marks in total.

Paper 2

Short Structured Questions

Section A

1 a. Describe Data Handling
b. Explain two ways of handling data
c. State four factors to consider when handling data electronically.

2 a. Define Information Processing
b. State Four steps involved in Information processing
c. Mention three advantages of using computers for information processing. Highlight three disadvantages of using computers for information processing.

3 a i. With the aid of a simple diagram, explain information transmission
ii. Give one example of information transmission
b. Give one example of each of the following:
i. Single User, Single Tasking operating system
ii. Single user, multitasking operating system
iii. multi-user operating system.
List four features of a Graphical User Interface.

4a. Mention four qualities of a good computer professional
b. List four computer professional bodies in Nigeria
c. Write the full meaning of the following:
i. WiFi
ii. GUI

Section B

  1. (a) Folders are used for storing files on the computer. List the steps for carrying out the following operations:
  • creating a folder on the desktop
  • Giving name to the folder
  • Sending a file from “My Documents” folder into the folder create in 6a
  • Changing the name of the folder in 6a to results

(b) The table below shows selected fields and data types in Ms-Access. Use it to answer questions 6(b) (i) and 6(b) (ii)

FieldsData Types
Mat. NoText
Date Of Birth*

i. What is the appropriate data type for:

i. Date of Birth Field;
ii. Fees Field?

ii. If Ms Access is running, describe the procedures to:

I. Create a table with the fields as given above using design view;
II. Set the Mat. No Field as the primary key
III. Set the FullName Field to a maximum of 50 characters.

Paper 1

1.Who developed the first digital electronic computer?

a. Blaise Pascal b. Joseph Jacquard c. Mauchly and Eckert d. Von Leibniz

2. Which generation of computers made use of integrated circuits?

a. Fourth b. Third c. Second d. First

3. Which of the following is alphabetic data?

a. Bed b. Ax44jj c. AB + CD d. %

4. The type of data which consists of text, number, audio, video, graphic, and animation is called

a. data set b. multimedia data c. multi-purpose data d. multi-variable data

5. Which of the following factors is not considered when classifying computers?

a. Location b. Size c. Type d. Purpose

6. Which of the following is not used for online shopping?

a. Master Card b. Credit Card c. Verve Card d. Sim Card

7. Which of the following is a negative impact of ICT in education?

a. Plagiarism b. e-library c. Distance learning d. Computer-based test

8. Which of the following are parts of a computer processor?

a. CPU and main memory b. Control Unit and ALU c. Operating system and applications d. Main memory and storage

9. Data gathering involves the following means except

a. Counting process b. voting process c. measuring process d. calculating process

10. Two computers, X and Y are such that the processor in X has a word size of 32 bits while that of Y is 16 bits. Which of the following statements is true?

a. X can process half as much data as Y at the same time b. X can process the same amount of data as Y at the same time c. X can process two times as much data as Y at the same time d. X can process four times as much data as Y at the same time.

11. The television set displays information as

a. antenna signals b. visual signals c. audio signals d. audio-visual signals

12. Which of the following is not an ancient medium for transmitting information?

a. Fire lighting b. Beating of drums c. Telephone d. Whistling

13. A server is a computer that provides services to other computers called

a. clients b. peers c. routers d. switches

14. The rules for exchanging data on a network are known as

a. transmission rules b. transfer rules c. protocols d. configurations

15. A search engine is a

a. program that searches engines b. computer engine that searches a database c. hardware component of a computer d. a tool that searches the web

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