WAEC Commerce Past Questions and Answers Free Download

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WAEC Commerce Past Questions and Answers Free Download|The West African Examination Council Commerce past questions and answers are available for download and this article would provide some sample questions for those writing commerce in WAEC to practice with.

About WAEC Commerce Past Questions

The WAEC Commerce past question is divided into two categories namely the objectives and theory and the objective part has 50 questions and applicants are to answer all while in the theory section, candidates are not to answer all the questions in that section.

WAEC Commerce Objective Sample Questions

1.Commercial activities received a great boost in West Africa due to contact with?

2.The job of the police in keeping law and order in society is?
a.a commercial service
b.An Indirect service
c.A direct service
d.A self-service

3.A business that becomes insolvent may result in

4.Which of the following activities does not belong to extractive occupations?

5.The major divisions of commerce are?
a.import, export, and transportation
b.trade, communication, and warehousing
c.import, trade, and production
d.trade and auxiliaries to trade

6.A memorandum of association is a document
a.Defining a company’s relationship with the public
b.inviting the public to buy a company’s share
c.Governing the affairs of the partnership
d.Regulating a company’s internal affairs

7.The main purpose of branding is to?
a.Increase the quantity of goods demanded
b.Increase the selling price of goods
c.Differentiate goods from other similar goods
d.Enhance turnover of goods

8.The facility which is not provided by the ports authority is?

9.A cheque can be dishonoured as a result of?
a.Insufficient funds
b.Same amount in words and figures
c.General crossing
d.Regular Signature

10.When a company sells shares to existing shareholders at preferential rates, this is?
a.Asiansrights issue
b.bonus issue
c.private placing
d.issue by introduction

11.The conversion of raw materials into finished goods is performed by?
a.The extractive industry
b.Service occupations
c.Commercial occupations
d.The manufacturing industry

12.Which of the following is not a factor of production

13.The duty payable on goods produced locally is
a.export duty
b.exercise duty
c.import duty
d.advalorem duty

14.An overdraft is granted to holders of
a.savings account
b.loan accounts
c.deposit accounts
d.current accounts

15.An example of an invisible item of trade is
c. share capital
d.fixed capital

WAEC Commerce Theory Sample Questions

1.What is Ecommerce
b. State Four advantages and disadvantages of privatization

2.Define Communication
a.List six means of communication in business
b.In what four ways is communication important in business

3.Explain the following retail outlets
a.Department store
b.Mobile Shop
c.Chain Store
d.Mail order business

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