WAEC Civic Education Past Questions & Answer PDF Download

WAEC Civic Education Past Questions & Answer PDF Download| Are you going to write Civic Education in the West African Examination Council Examinations? WAEC questions are mostly repeated and hence the need for those participating to start answering past questions before they write the examinations. This article would provide a sample of what the WAEC Civic past questions look like below.

WAEC Civic Education Past Questions

Below is a list of some WAEC civic education past questions:

1.Fundamental rights are literally the rights that one can enjoy because one is

a. an individual b. a human being c. a citizen d. an educated elite

2. Which one of the following nationalists is associated with democratic socialism?

a. Ahmadu Bello b. Tafawa Balewa c. Anthony Enahoro d. Obafemi Awolowo

3.When a person is being fair, impartial and reasonable in dealing with other such person is said to be

a. responsible b. tolerant c. honest d. humble

4. A limitation to the excercise of human right is

a. war b. deportation c. migration d. HIV/AIDS

5. Which of the following is not among the sources of authority?

a. Societal b. Traditional c. Rational Legal d. Charismatic

6. Orderliness can be exhibited in the following ways except

a. observing the traffic lights b. queuing culture c. decorum behaviour d. interrupting an individual

7. Which of the following is a way of achieving responsible parenthood?

a. Commitment b. Patriotism c. Favouritism d. Goodness

8. A citizen is someone who

a. holds a chieftaincy title in the country b. is a legal member of the country c. has lived in the country for a long time d. is a staunch supporter of the country’s development

9.Incidence of broken home and irresponsible parenthood are the major causes of the following except

a. unhealthy growth b. armed robbery c. migration d. cultism

10. Citizenship Education will not help to achieve one of the following?

a. National Unity b. Education of the youth c. Moral decadence d. Promoting democracy

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