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Volume Of A Cube|How To Find The Volume, and Surface Area Of A Cube

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Volume Of A Cube| How To Find The Volume, and Surface Area Of A Cube| The Shape of a cube is common to a lot of people now if you want to know what a cube looks like then look at St Louis Sugar or a die or rubric cube.

Definition Of A Cube

A cube is a six-sided shaped object with all sides equal in length, width, and height alternatively, it can be defined as a solid three dimensional figure with 6 sides.

How To Find The Volume Of A Cube

The formula for calculating the volume of a cube is d3 where d signifies the length of the cube.

Derivation Of The Formula Used In Calculating The Volume Of A Cube

We can recall that volume is equal to length* breadth * height and we earlier stated that the length, breadth, and height of a cube are equal and we represent length as d hence length = breadth = height =d

The volume would be equal to d * d *d hence the reason why it is d3

How To Find The Surface Area of A Cube

Surface area is the number of square units covering the surface of the cube and the formula for finding the surface area of a cube is 6d2

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