Update On Npower Nasims Batch C 2021/2022 Recruitment

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Update On Npower Nasims Batch C 2021/2022 Recruitment| Do you want to get the latest update or answers to questions on the ongoing National Social Investment Management System Npower recruitment? This article would provide the latest news on the Npower NASIMS Batch C programme so read this article till the end.

The NASIMS recruitment was recently announced by the Ministry of Humanitarian affairs but over time, a lot of people have had one difficulty or another on the NASIMS portal, and in this article, we would provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How To Rectify Your Password On NASIMS Portal

To rectify your password on the National Social Investment Management System portal, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Visit the Npower NASIMS Portal nasims.gov.ng
  • Click on the Login menu
  • Use the forgot password option
  • Enter your Npower application mail
  • Click on Send link
  • Check your mail and follow the instructions to reset your password

If you did not receive the email immediately, then follow any of the steps outlined below to rectify the issue

  • Refresh your email or close the app or tab and when you connect your network again
  • If you sent the reset mail multiple times then use the most recent link to reset the password
  • Check your spam folder if it is not in your inbox

How To Validate Your Profile Or BVN

To validate your profile or BVN details, then follow the steps below:

  • Login to the NASIMS portal nasims.gov.ng
  • Login to the portal by using your Npower username and the newly created passport
  • Once you have logged in, then you can update your profile and BVN

If you are unable to Update your BVN, then follow any of the steps below:

  • Ensure that your date of birth you use corresponds to the one you used in the bank
  • Try again in the next few hours as it might be a network problem.

How To Take The NASIMS Npower Test

To Take the Npower Test follow the steps outlined in this article and if your account is blocked, then follow the steps below:

  • Applicants are allowed a minimum of three attempts to take the test and after that, the test account would be locked.
  • After three attempts, you would be allowed to take the test in the next 6 hours

How To Check Your Npower NASIMS Test Score

Once you have written the test and clicked on submit, your test score would show so ensure that you click on submit once you are done.

Latest News On Npower Batch C

Do you want to get the latest news on Npower Batch C recruitment? Npower Batch C shortlist has been released and this information was announced by the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs. Shortlisted candidates would be given a starter pack to commence their training and the non-graduate program volunteers contain names of those within ages 18-25.

Finally, ensure that you have a strong network connection before you proceed to write the test also bookmark this tab and subscribe to our social media pages.

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