University Of Washington Tuition, Ranking, Address, Graduate Programs, and Acceptance Rate

The University Of Washington is a University located in Seattle Washington, USA and it was established in the year 1861 which makes it one of the oldest universities on the West coast. The motto of the institution is Lux sit which means Let there be light and it has four(4) campuses namely: North Campus, East Campus, West Campus, and South Campus.

This article would provide information on the University of Washington Tuition, ranking, address, graduate programs, and acceptance rate.

University Of Washington Tuition

The University of Washington Tuition are very affordable for those who are in the states but very expensive for those who are coming out of the states. Fees differ in their definition, application, and the process by which they are established or changed. The tuition fees for in-state students is $12,092 and $39,461 for out of state students for the 2020/2021 session.

University Of Washington Ranking

There are different rankings for every university and the University has done well in terms of competing with other Universities in the world. The following are the various rankings for the University of Washington:

  • 58th in National Universities ranking
  • 30th in Best college for veterans
  • 145th in Best value schools
  • 191st in top performers on Social mobility
  • 19th in Best Undergraduate programs
  • 5th in Computer Science
University Of Washington Graduate Programs

The University of Washington has different graduate programs and there are over 397 graduate programs spread across the different campuses of the school with the Seattle campus having 361 programs, the brothell campus having 14 programs, and the Tacoma campus having 14 programs. All the graduate programs are available on the University of Washington graduate school page here.

University Of Washington Acceptance Rate

The University of Washington acceptance rate is average and is 52% and only those with a high SAT score get admitted to the University of Washington.

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