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Top 9 Insurance Recruitment Agencies In Uk(2022)| Check Best Insurance Recruitment Agency[Updated]

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Insurance recruitment agencies are those agencies that specialize in recruiting for insurance companies and there are a lot of insurance recruitment agencies in the United Kingdom, though a lot of them are multidisciplined and they focus on other disciplines that are not related to the insurance field.

Virtually everybody and organization in the United Kingdom makes use of insurance and this goes to show how important insurance is in the United Kingdom. There are recruitment agencies in the United kingdom that can help you get placements in an insurance company in the UK.

The insurance sector is one of the best sectors to work in the United Kingdom. These recruitment agencies can aid job seekers interested in working in the insurance sector in UK to get a job easily. Each of the recruitment agencies outlined below has a good rating hence the reason why they made the list below.

This article would provide a list of the best insurance recruitment agencies in the United Kingdom but before we proceed, you can check the Best recruitment agencies in the United Kingdom also note that recruitment agencies are also known as staffing agencies.

Top 9 Best Insurance Recruitment Agency In The United Kingdom

Below is a list of the top 9 best recruitment agencies that focus on the Insurance sector. Note that these recruitment agencies do not only focus on the Insurance sector but they also focus on other sectors and this is because most of them are multidisciplinary recruitment agencies.

1. Michael Page Group

Michael Page Group is a top recruitment agency and if you have been reading our articles on best recruitment agencies, you would find out that we have mentioned Michael Page in almost all the posts we have made on that topic. Michael Page has been around for over 35 years and they are considered as one the best recruiters in the Insurance sector.

2. Hays Uk

Hays is one of the best recruitment agencies in the United Kingdom and they have more than one location in Uk. Hays is an international recruitment agency and also a multi-disciplined recruitment agency but one of the disciplines they specialize in is insurance.

3. Reed Recruitment Agency

Reed Recruitment Agency was established in the early 1960s and over time, they have become one of the biggest run family recruitment agencies. Reed recruitment Agency specializes in over ten(10) in-demand sectors including Insurance.

4. EdenBrook Recruitment Agency

EdenBrook Recruitment Agency was established in 20210 and its focus is on the Insurance market. EdenBrook focuses on the life and general insurance and also Investment and asset management.

5. MW Appointments

MW appointments was established in 1992 and they are located in London where they are best known for filling insurance vacancies. MW appointment has 20 sectors that they focus on and one of them is insurance.

6. Search Consultancy

Search Consultancy was established in 1987 and they specialize in 21 disciplines and which makes them one of the most versatile recruitment agencies on this list.

7. Manpower Uk

Manpower is an experienced recruitment agency that has been around for a very long time. and it is part of the Manpower group. Manpower has locations in over 80 countries and has been in the United Kingdom for over 60 years.

8. Lawes Consulting Group

This is an award-winning recruitment agency that specializes in two other disciplines in addition to insurance.

9. Carnegie Consulting

This is a top executive search firm in the United Kingdom that was established in 2006. They are boutique specialists and provide services like contingent recruitment, and Temp & Contractor Services.


These are the top recruitment agencies that those whose specialty is insurance can make use of when searching for insurance jobs in the United Kingdom. If you have made use of any recruitment agency outlined above, then let us know your experience with them also, if there are other agencies that you would like to recommend to us, let us know also via the comment section below.

I hope this article would help you choose the best insurance recruitment agency in Uk. These agencies have a good review and their customer services are also top-notch so do not be afraid of trying them out.

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