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Top 10 Best Job Sites In Alabama|Check The Best Job Sites In Alabama(2022)

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Alabama is one of the states in the United States of America and it is located in the southeastern region of the state. Alabama is nicknamed the Yellowhammer state and it is bordered by Tennessee to the North and Georgia to the east.

Due to its growing economy, a lot of people who want to move to Alabama have been looking for job sites that have job opportunities that they can apply for and this article would provide a list of the best job sites in Alabama. When making use of a job board or job site to search for jobs, it is very important to check the review from users as some job sites are created by fraudsters with the aim of defrauding people.

We were able to compile a list of some of the best job sites in Alabama that job seekers can make use of for their job search and all of them are outlined below.

List Of 10 Best Job Sites In Alabama In 2022

Below are some of the best job sites that job seekers based in Alabama can use when searching for jobs regardless of the discipline they focus on:

1. Indeed

Indeed is one of the best job sites in the world and it is very flexible, meaning that you can search for jobs in Alabama from any part of the world. When using Indeed, ensure that you try as much to narrow down your search to the specific area you are looking for jobs in and the location.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very good site for job search but a lot of people are not familiar with the website. With LinkedIn, you can easily apply for positions after you have completed your profile and uploaded your resume. Finally, with LinkedIn, you can narrow down your search to Alabama and once there are available jobs in Alabama that you fit into, you would be informed via your email address.

3. SimplyHired

Simplyhired is a popular job search engine that has a collection of jobs from numerous companies and in order to get the best out of it, ensure that you narrow your search to Alabama. Simplyhired also has a lot of guides to help job applicants and examples of such guides include resume guides, cover letter guides, and interview guides.

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is similar to Indeed, however, the difference between Glassdoor and Indeed is that Glassdoor allows former employees to drop a review on the company page also, there is a page where the salary range for different companies is available on the website.

5. Zip Recruiter

Ziprecruiter is one of the top rated job sites in the US and jobs are categorized according to the title, job types, trending categories, cities, and companies. Ziprecruiter has an application and there is also a section where salaries of companies are being reviewed.

6. Monster Jobs

Monster Jobs is a job site that was created by Jeff Taylor and was established in 1999. Monster Jobs is maintained by Monster Worldwide Inc and it is a subsidiary of the popular recruiting firm Randstad holdings.

7. Government Jobs

Government Jobs is one of the largest job portals for public sector jobs in the United States and jobs are grouped by location, or Job title. To make use of the portal, create an account, upload your credentials and you can track your application and the status of your submission.

8. The Balance Careers

The balance careers is not like a typical job search website because it has a lot of articles that are aimed at helping job seekers. The balance careers have a wide range of jobs displayed on their website such as call center jobs, tutoring jobs, data entry jobs, and language jobs,


This website has a lot of job offers and like some of its contemporaries, it has a company directory for those looking for a specific company. Also, there is a search box on the home page that one can use to search for a specific job.

10. Craiglist

This is a popular job site and jobs are categorized according to locations so all you need to do is to click on Alabama and a list of available jobs in Alabama would appear.

Now you have the full list of top 10 job sites in Alabama let us know what you think about the list via the comments section below also, let us know if you have any other website that should have been on this list that is not there.

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