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Teaching Jobs In Dubai(2022)| See How To Get A Teaching Job In Dubai

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Dubai is a top destination for many professionals because of the standard of living. Many teaching jobs abound in Dubai, especially in private schools and their pay is very attractive when compared to teachers in other countries. As a teacher in Dubai, you would most likely teach in either a kindergarten or primary school also, there are online teaching jobs in Dubai which we would shed more light on below.

Are you looking for teaching jobs in Dubai as a foreigner? There are numerous teaching jobs available for foreigners but many do not know how to access these jobs. This article would help you know how to find teaching jobs in Dubai and also how to apply for these teaching jobs.

Teaching Jobs In Dubai For Foreigners

There are numerous teaching jobs in Dubai for foreigners in various disciplines but the question most people have asked is how can I get a teaching job in Dubai as a foreigner from my country of residence? As a foreigner, you are advised to search for jobs on trusted sites like LinkedIn, also, we would also recommend and teachwaway for our readers to get more teaching jobs in Dubai.

Salary Of Teachers In Dubai

As we earlier stated, the salary of teachers in Dubai is very attractive, especially those teaching in private schools in Dubai. According to, their salary is estimated to be between 7000 – 16,000 AED which is equivalent to ($1900 – 4400) per month.

Requirements To Become A Teacher In Dubai

Before you can be allowed to teach in Dubai, there are requirements that you must possess. To be eligible to become a teacher, you must possess a valid teaching certificate, and must have teaching experience at the designated grade level and in your area of specialization.

Online Teaching Jobs In Dubai

There are also online teaching jobs in Dubai available for those who teach in various subjects like English, Mathematics, and other disciplines. You can find these kinds of teaching jobs on job search sites like and before accepting a job, ensure that you check the rating of the school and if the school really exists.

Unqualified Teaching Jobs In Dubai

There are schools that recruit teachers with no experience in Dubai and you can also find these schools on online job search sites like indeed. Unqualified teaching positions would clearly be specified in the job description you are applying for.

With this article, you would be able to get a teaching job in Dubai also, ensure that you visit the sites whose links you can find on this article as they would help you achieve your goal of getting a teaching job in Dubai.

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