Teach For Nigeria Salary Structure| How Much Do Teach For Nigeria Pay?

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Teach For Nigeria Salary Structure| How Much Do Teach For Nigeria Pay?| Teach For Nigeria is a very popular program responsible for recruiting quality teachers to teach in selected schools in selected states. The salary structure of their teachers has been a topic of discussion by many and this article would provide answers to such questions.

Teach for Nigeria is a fellowship program that selects gifted Nigerians across different disciplines to teach in low income communities in their partner schools. Teach for Nigeria shortlisted candidates would be made to teach in partner schools located in Lagos/Ogun/Kaduna state for a period of two years and during this period, salaries would be paid on a monthly basis including during holidays.

www.teachfornigeria.org is the official portal for the Teach for Nigeria recruitment and it is important to note that recruitment is yet to commence but ensure to read the Teach for Nigeria recruitment guide here as we clearly stated the requirements and other things one needs to know about the Teach for Nigeria program.

Teach For Nigeria Salary Structure

From our research, the Teach for Nigeria program pays its teachers N80,000 monthly which amounts to N2,880,000 yearly which is higher than what the Npower beneficiaries earn.

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