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Survival Fund Registration Portal|| In this article, adequate information would be provided on the Survival Fund registration portal, application guidelines, schemes, and other relevant information related to the Survival Fund program.

Do you want to apply for the Federal Government Program survival fund program? In this post, we would show you how to apply and also give you more details about the program because it is important for those who want to apply for the Survival Fund scheme to know the categories they are applying for, the requirements, and other information they would need when filling the application form.

Facts About Survival Fund Scheme

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown restriction, a lot of businesses have been affected hence the need for the Federal Government to start this program as it is aimed at supporting businesses and is open to everybody that runs a business. The survival fund has five(5) schemes and they are:

  • MSME(Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises).
  • Bank Of Industry
  • SMEDAN(Small and medium scale enterprises)
  • NASME(Nigerian Association of Small and medium enterprises)
  • ITF(Industrial Training Fund)

The following are the different registration programs under the Federal government of Nigeria’s survival fund scheme

Payroll Support: The MSME Payroll Support Scheme is a survival fund that will make payroll support available to save jobs and sustain local production.
Guaranteed Offtake: This will provide finance to sectors that were seriously impacted by the Covid 19
MSME Grant: This scheme is to assist micro and small businesses affected by the pandemic.
Formalization Support: In this scheme, the federal government would be providing free CAC business names for 25,000 businesses in the country.

NALDA Recruitment
NYIF Recruitment
SMEDAN Recruitment
P-Yes Recruitment

How To Register For Survival Fund Scheme

Interested applicants should visit the Survival fund registration portal and follow the steps below to complete their registration:

  • Click on Sign up
  • Select your registration type(MSME Payroll Support/MSME grant/Guaranteed Offtake/Formalization Support).
  • Fill in your details
  • Activate your account.

Important Points To Note

Applicants are ought to take note of certain points before proceeding to register for the Survival Fund scheme and some of those points applicants should take note of while registering include:

  1. The application is free of charge.
  2. Ensure that you possess all the necessary requirements before applying.
  3. Only those who meet the selection criteria would be eligible for the payment.
  4. Some schemes are yet to be activated.

How To Check Your Application Status On Survival Fund Registration Portal

Those who applied for any of the Survival Fund schemes would love to check their status frequently and applicants are to follow the steps below to check their application status:

  • Visit the Survival Fund registration portal
  • Click on Login to access your dashboard
  • Once you are in your dashboard, you would see a Verified message if your account has been verified.

Is The Survival Fund Registration Still Ongoing?

The survival fund registration is still ongoing but for only the formalization support scheme however, the registration portal is still open. The other schemes’ payroll support, guaranteed offtake, and MSME grant support registration portals have been closed so clicking on the register button would only bring out a pop-up message that reads Scheme is now closed.

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