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Seplat Petroleum Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form Portal Is Out Now

Seplat Petroleum Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form Portal ||Seplat Petroleum Development Company Recruitment form is yet to be released but we know that a lot of people would love to know what it takes to become a Seplat employee hence the reason why we urge our readers to read this article thoroughly.

Seplat recruitment form can be gotten from the recruitment portal for free once the recruitment commences and note that you must create an account on the recruitment portal before you can apply for the vacant position also having an account would help you to apply for all other new vacancies easily.

The application form would be released occasionally and before the application form is released for the next recruitment exercise, those who want to participate in the next recruitment exercise should ensure that they prepare ahead by having the necessary documents and relevant information.

The form is free of charge and would contain relevant fields that must be filled out accurately before submitting the application form. Seplat undergoes recruitment frequently so it is very important to be well informed before the next recruitment application form is released to the general public. The aim of this article is to ensure that you are well informed ahead of the release of the next application form.

Seplat Petroleum is currently undergoing recruitment for the following positions advertised below:

Senior Petrophysicist
Reservoir Engineer

The positions outlined above were pasted on the Seplat recruitment application portal in July 2022 and this means that the positions may or may not be available. To know if they are still available, visit the recruitment application portal via the links outlined below to find out.

About Seplat

Seplat Petroleum Development Company(SPDC) was established in the year 2009 and it is a Nigerian Independent Oil and gas company that was formed through the partnership of Shebah Petroleum Development Company Limited and Platform Petroleum Joint Ventures Limited.
Lots of questions have been asked concerning Seplat Petroleum recruitment dates and in this article, we would provide all the necessary information interested applicants need to know before the recruitment commences.

It is important to possess all the information needed to apply for Seplat recruitment before the release of the recruitment form on the recruitment portal because those who are prepared ahead stand a better chance of being shortlisted compared to those who are not prepared for the recruitment. We have outlined all the things needed by applicants who want to apply for Seplat recruitment below so ensure that you read this article till the end.

Requirements For Seplat Recruitment

Interested applicants should possess the required degree which can either be a BSc/HND/OND or any other recognized degree from a reputable institution. Finally, applicants should ensure that they possess an NYSC discharge or exemption certificate and also have a knowledge of basic computer applications.

INEC Recruitment
FCSC Recruitment
NIPOST Recruitment
FRC Recruitment
FCC Recruitment
ICRC Recruitment
Cdfipb Recruitment
FERMA Recruitment
NGC Recruitment
NNPC Recruitment
Phcn Recruitment

Important Points To Note

Before applying, applicants should not that Seplat recruitment is free of charge also all submissions must be done via the recruitment portal before the submission deadline. Applicants should note that submission of forged documents is strongly prohibited by Seplat and defaulters would be disqualified.

The recruitment is conducted via their recruitment portal or LinkedIn page and if you are applying via the LinkedIn page, ensure that you have an account also upload your resume to your profile so as to make the application easy.

Is Seplat 2022/2023 Recruitment Form Out?

Seplat Petroleum recruitment application has commenced and those who have been awaiting the release of the application form can now proceed to the application portal to apply for the position of their choice.

How To Apply For Seplat Recruitment

There are mainly two ways to apply for the Seplat recruitment and all Interested applicants should follow the steps below to apply:

When Is Seplat Recruitment Deadline?

There is no specified deadline but we doubt that the recruitment application forms for the following positions are still available on the Seplat recruitment application portal. Visit the portal to apply if you are still interested in any of those positions also, note that if you do not see the position on the Seplat recruitment portal, then that means that the deadline has elapsed.

Seplat Salary Structure

Seplat is an oil and gas company and they pay their employees very well. Oil and gas companies are one of the highest paying companies in Nigeria and that is the reason why a lot of people love to work with them. The salary range is between N200k to N250k but it is important to note that these figures can change at any time so visit this article frequently because we would update it once it changes.

About Seplat Internship

Seplat Internship programme is for students schooling in any recognized university in Nigeria and wants to gain experience of working with Seplat Petroleum Development Company. Those interested can get more information by sending a mail to [email protected] also, visit this page regularly because you would be informed if the internship form is released.

Those who would be interested in participating in the next Seplat Internship programme should visit this article to know when the form would be released.

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