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Osun State Teachers Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates|Check List Now

Osun State Teachers Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates|| This post is for those who applied for the Osun state teachers recruitment and want to check if they were shortlisted or not. Please ensure that you take this post seriously as we would provide you with all the information you need.

The Osun state government has announced that it would soon release the names of those who were shortlisted and the shortlist would contain the names of the 3,170 applicants who scored above 50% during the screening exercise conducted for applicants. A total of 11,608 people participated in the screening exercise and the list would be released in three batches.

After the application deadline for the Osun Teachers recruitment, those who applied would be curious to know when the recruitment shortlist would be released and this article would guide such persons on how to check the shortlist.

It is very important to note that the figures or information released in this article was for the previous Osun State Teachers recruitment exercise. We would update it once the shortlist for the next phase of Osun State Teachers recruitment is released.

How To Check The Osun State Teachers Recruitment Shortlist

The shortlist is not published rather those who are shortlisted would be contacted via their contact details so take note of this information. It is important to provide your accurate contact details when applying because if your contact is unreachable, then you would not be able to know if you are shortlisted.
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What To Do After Being Shortlisted

Successful candidates would be guided on how to print out their employment letters so check this post frequently because we would outline the steps to print out the employment letter once the list is out. Successful candidates must follow the instructions outlined in this article if they want to be given employment letters.

Those who are shortlisted should note that there would be a pre-engagement exercise that would be conducted for them and you can get more information on this from this article. Those who make the first shortlist that is released would have to undergo a screening exercise which in most cases is written.

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