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Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies In UAE(2022)| Check Top Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies In Dubai[Updated]

The United Arab Emirates is one of the major producers of crude oil worldwide and a lot of migrants are looking for job opportunities with oil and gas firms in UAE. UAE has around 92 billion barrels which is the third-largest in the Middle East. With this amount of reserve, there would be a presence of a lot of oil companies who would want to tap into this oil reserve.

The oil and gas sector is a booming sector in the middle east especially in the United Arab Emirates. Skilled workers would be needed in some of these companies and as a foreigner, the best way to secure a job with these companies is via a recruitment agency.

Recruitment agencies are the best ways of getting employed in a reasonable company as a foreigner and we would advise our readers to make use of the recruitment companies listed below for those in the Oil and Gas sector. The top oil and gas recruitment agencies are located in cities like Oman, and other top cities in UAE. Below, we have outlined the list of the top 10 recruitment agencies in Dubai.

List Of Top Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies In Dubai

Dubai is home to a lot of oil and gas recruitment agencies and this is because Dubai has numerous oil and gas companies because of the presence of large reserves in Dubai. below are some of the top Oil and gas staffing agencies.

1. Robert Murray & Associates

Robert Murray & Associates is an international recruitment agency that started in the Middle East before expanding to other regions in the world. Robert Murray & Associates specializes in recruiting for different sectors and one of them is the Oil and Gas sector, in addition, they have a referral program that gives people bonuses for referring people.

2. Adecco Middle East

Adecco Middle East was mentioned in our previous post List Of Recruitment Agencies in Dubai and they specialize in top sectors such as Oil and Gas, Information Technology, Hospitality, Banking and Finance, Aviation, and Construction and Real Estate. Adecco has two branches in Dubai and you can check for the locations in the post we previously mentioned.

3. Lobo Management Service

Lobo Management Service is a recruitment agency that was established in 1993 and this makes it one of the oldest recruitment agencies in Dubai. Lobo management Service specializes in multiple sectors and they display vacancies for those willing to work in Dubai or other countries.

4. Experts International Recruitment Service

Experts International Recruitment Service was established in 2005 and they employ a lot of tools to search for candidates and some of the tools are database, main web-portal, Universities Communication, and various Sub-web portals. Experts International recruitment service is an International recruitment company and those they offer a lot of services for top companies in Dubai and other countries they are based in.

5. Michael Page Middle East

Michael Page is one of the best International recruitment agencies and like their contemporaries, they also undergo recruitment for top sectors in Dubai and anywhere they are located. Michael Page group was established in 1976 and its parent company is the British-based recruitment company called Page Group.

6. Ultimate HR Solutions

Ultimate HR Solutions is a legal recruitment agency that was established in 2001. Ultimate HR solutions have helped more than 3,000 people to get jobs in Dubai. They undergo a lot of services and some of them are talent acquisition, employee outsourcing, IT contract staffing, and temporary staffing.

7. JAMS HR Solutions

JAMS Solutions is one of the top recruitment agencies in Dubai which has a very positive review from those who have made use of their services. JAMS HR Solutions focuses on several sectors and some of them include HR Solutions, Education, Marine and Shipping, Aviation, Finance & Banking, and Production and Manufacturing.

8. Delta International Petroleum Services

Delta International Petroleum Services is a recruitment agency that specializes in recruiting for Oil and Gas & Petroleum, and Media Entertainment. Delta International Petroleum Services have a lot of reputable clients and they provide more information like living in Dubai, cost, transportation, and education.

9. RFS HR Consultancy Dubai

RFS HR Consultancy Dubai is a recruitment agency that specializes in recruiting for top industries like Construction and Property, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, and Oil and Gas amongst others. They undergo a lot of services like contractual staffing, blue-collar recruitment, psychometric testing, promotional, and event staffing.

10. ABC Recruitment Services(Arabian Business Center)

ABC Recruitment Services was established in 1978 by Mr. Musallam and his vision led the company to what it is now. Apart from the Oil and Gas sector, they also focus on other top sectors in the industry and some of them include Shipping & Marine, Information Technology & Communication, Administration/Public Sector, and Construction & Infrastructure.


Dubai is one of the cities with the highest reserves of oil in the United Arab Emirates and this article has provided a list of top recruitment agencies that focus on the Oil and gas sector. Like other recruitment agencies, they do not charge also, this list contains names of trusted recruitment agencies.

The salary scale for the Oil and Gas industry in any country is very attractive and that also can be said for the sector in Dubai. To know the salary structure for the Oil and Gas sector in Dubai, visit Glassdoor to find out more as it is a trustworthy site to get such information.

Oil and Gas Jobs In The Middle East

The middle East has the largest reserves of oil according to statista. Regions in the Middle East with large reserves of Oil and Gas include Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates. Recruitment Agencies that specialize in the oil and gas industry can help you get placement with an oil and gas company, especially in UAE so take adequate note of the list outlined above.

That is it for now remember to leave your comment below if you have used any of these recruitment agencies before.

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