List Of Top 10 Nursing Recruitment Agencies In Dubai[Updated]

Dubai is one of the top destinations in the world and according to data obtained from, it had around 19million visitors in 2021. Dubai is able to attract a lot of visitors because of the elegant buildings, beaches, accommodation options, and deserts.

Many professionals are looking for opportunities in Dubai and some of those professionals include nurses. Nurses are in high demand in various parts of the world but before you can be allowed to practice nursing in a country, you must know the requirements needed to become a nurse in that country.

You can get nursing jobs in Dubai by either applying directly or through a recruitment agency. For foreigners, using a recruitment agency would help you save a lot of costs also, you would be well guided. A lot of people have various questions, especially foreigners who have no idea of how things work in Dubai and these recruitment agencies have trained personnel who would provide answers to most of your questions.

Nurses in Dubai are one of the most respected professionals and the healthcare sector as a whole in Dubai is well respected because of mandatory health rules set by the Dubai Health Authority. In addition to being paid well, nurses in Dubai also receive benefits like tax-free income, free housing/housing allowance, free insurance, and gratuity pay. In this article, we would provide information on the list of the top 10 nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai.

List Of Top 10 Nursing Recruitment Agencies In Dubai

The list contains some medical recruitment agencies and these recruitment agencies cover the whole medical discipline. The list below comprises the top nursing recruitment agencies located in Dubai, UAE.

1. Allocation Assist

Allocation Assist is a leading medical recruitment agency in Dubai and it is its job to assist skilled medical professionals to secure their dream job. They can help you find a job and get a DHA(Dubai Health Authority) license which is mandatory for all nurses in Dubai to possess.

Allocation Assist Contact Details

JLT Cluster R, Dubai, UAE
Email: [email protected]

2. Alliance Recruitment Agency 

Alliance recruitment agency is an international recruitment agency that focuses on providing recruitment services for various disciplines. Staffing services they provide include contract staffing, executive search, expat recruitment, and project-based hiring. They are located in Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE.

3. CCM Recruitment

CCM Recruitment are experts in domestic and international recruitment. They focus on the healthcare sector and they also have offices in countries like Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

4. Nursing Jobs Dubai

Nursing jobs have connections with many public and private hospitals in Dubai. They have resources that can guide you on how to successfully get a nursing job in Dubai.

Nursing Jobs Dubai Contact Details

Dubai Jewel Tower, Dubai Media City
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (888) 695-9859

5. Procare Health Services

Having been active since 200, Procare is known for providing healthcare professionals for sectors like caregiving, nebulizing, bed and wheelchair care, NGT feeding, and wound care.

6. Nightingale Health Services LLC

This recruitment agency is best known for providing homecare, baby & newborn care, maternity care, pre/postnatal care, and elderly care. Nightingale also helps to provide health insurance and this is because they have direct contact with top health insurance companies in Dubai.

7. Envertiz Consultancy

Evertiz consultancy is an international recruitment agency that is based in the United Kingdom. They focus on recruiting nurses for their clients in the regions they have offices.

Envertiz Consultancy Contact Details

Envertiz Consultancy#403,
The Binary by Omniyat,
Al Abraj Street, Business Bay, Dubai
Email: [email protected]
Phone: ‎+97145805871

8. Nurseco Home Healthcare LLC

A home nursing recruitment agency and the services they provide include elderly care, palliative care, hospital to home care, holiday care, chronic patient care, baby care, and physiotherapy to mention a few.

Nurseco Home Healthcare LLC Contact Details

Nurseco Home Healthcare LLC
(Dubai Office)
Office 705
Blue Bay Tower
(Al Abraj Street)
Business Bay. P.O Box 235110 Dubai, UAE
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0097144531616

9. Medacs Healthcare

This is an international recruitment agency that provides quality 24/7 healthcare professional support. Apart from nurses, the disciplines they also recruit doctors, allied health professionals, social care, and special mental health.

10. NADIA Recruitment

NADIA Recruitment was established in 1983 and they are a leading executive search recruitment agency in Dubai. They also focus on other sectors like education, engineering, human resources, law/legal, and banking & insurance.

NADIA Recruitment Contact Details

One Lake Plaza,
Cluster T, Floor 36
Jumeirah Lakes Towers
Phone: +97144472599

It is mandatory to have a license as a nurse in Dubai and those who would love to obtain a Nursing license should follow the procedures below:

  • Register an account with Sheryan Portal
  • Check Your Eligibility using Self Assessment Tool
  • Complete Primary Source Verification (PSV)
  • Book Computer Based Testing (CBT)
  • Get registered with DHA to be listed in Dubai Medical Registry
  • Arrange Oral Assessment if required by DHA
  • Activate your professional license 

Salaries Of Nurses In Dubai

From our research, we were able to discover that the average salary for nurses in Dubai is  $23,316 and this figure was obtained from payscale. When compared to top European countries, it is average but they rank among the countries that pay nurses well.

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This article has provided a summary of the top nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai, the salaries of nurses in Dubai, and other necessary information on how to get a nursing job in Dubai and the procedures to follow in order to get a nursing job in Dubai.

One of the core things that you would need to possess before entering Dubai as a foreigner is a passport. There are requirements that one must possess before one can obtain a visa to enter Dubai and ensure that you ask the recruitment agency you are contacting questions on this.

If there is any additional information you need that is not provided in this article, then inform us via the comment section below.

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