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Nursing Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2022|See How To Get A Nursing Job In Saudi Arabia

The healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia is booming and a lot of healthcare professionals are really interested in migrating to Saudi Arabia due to various reasons. Saudi Arabia pays its healthcare professionals very well and the government is currently undergoing a transformation with the aim of reducing independence in the oil sector. Nurses are in demand in Saudi Arabia and this article would provide a comprehensive summary of how to get a nursing job in Saudi Arabia.

Over the year, many foreigners have been interested in relocating to Saudi Arabia because of the working conditions and the pay. There are procedures that one must follow to be able to become a licensed nurse in Saudi Arabia also, there are requirements that one must possess and we would outline both procedures and requirements in this article.

Saudi Arabia is known to accept foreign nurses from different parts of the world but many are unable to be selected because of misinformation or inadequate information. We have carefully outlined all the information needed in order to obtain a nursing job in Saudi Arabia.

Those searching for Nursing jobs in the middle east should note that Saudi Arabia is one of the best countries to work as a nurse and you might consider moving to Saudi Arabia after reading this article. Read this article thoroughly and ensure that you take proper note of all the information provided in every section of this article.

Requirements To Work As a Nurse In Saudi Arabia

Before choosing to work in KSA, you must possess the requirements and different countries have different requirements. In the United States of America or in the United Kingdom, it is mandatory to have a nursing license else you would not be allowed to practice the profession and this is why you must take note of the requirements before proceeding to apply for Nursing jobs.

Three basic things you need to work as a nurse in KSA include:

  • Having the right qualifications
  • Work experience
  • Nursing License
  • A visa

KSA allows fresh graduates to apply for nursing jobs but in some situations, those with experience would have an added advantage. Necessary documents you should possess include your degree, medical license from your country, and good standing certificate.

How To Apply For Nursing Jobs In Saudi Arabia

You can apply for nursing jobs via job boards or by submitting your CV to recruitment agencies which is the most preferable way to apply for nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia. Some of the top job boards where you can find nursing jobs in KSA include LinkedIn and glassdoor.

Before applying for a nursing job in Saudi Arabia, ensure that you apply for a visa and before doing that, you must know the categories of visas in Saudi Arabia. One of the visas you can apply for is the employment visa and the requirements to obtain this visa have been outlined on the Saudi Arabian official website.

Saudi Arabia Nursing Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies can help you get a job without you being physically present in KSA. There are a lot of recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia that can help you get nursing jobs in KSA and some of the recruitment agencies include:

  • CCM Recruitment
  • SA International outsourcing and recruitment consultants
  • Helen Zirgler & Associates
  • Ben Khan & Associates

These are some of the top nursing recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia and if there are others you feel should have made this list and were not mentioned, then let us know via the comment section below.

Salaries Of Nurses In Saudi Arabia

The salaries of nurses in Saudi Arabia depend on the city the nurse is working in and also the organization the nurse is working in. According to our research, nurses in Saudi Arabia earn between 6480 SAR to 18,600 SAR which is between $1749.6 to $5,022. These figures are gotten from estimates and may be higher than this.


Getting a nursing job in Saudi Arabia is very easy if you follow the procedures we outlined carefully also, you can visit the Saudi Arabian government’s official website to get more information. The rate at which nurses and other health professionals are migrating to KSA is very high and this article has provided adequate information on all the necessary things that health professionals should know that would aid them when planning to migrate to Saudi Arabia.

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