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NPVN Dashboard- How To Login to Npower Portal

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NPVN Dashboard- How To Login to Npower Portal| The recruitment portal for Npower 2022 recruitment is yet to be activated but this article would provide procedures to follow when accessing the NPVN portal after it is activated.

The official Npower portal is and that is the only portal you can access the npower programmes so do not fall for scam websites that claim to be the Npower portal. The portal might differ each year so it is important to be guided on how to access the new portal to be used for the recruitment.

This portal is no longer used for the Npower registrations as there was a directive to migrate batch applicants to another portal which is known as the Npower NASIMS portal. The aim of this article is to help candidates use this portal in case it is eventually used for another registration process.

Note that visiting this URL would probably give you a 404 error as the page is no longer active as of the time of writing this article but make sure you know how to navigate the portal incase it is reactivated again for use in the future.

How To Login To

Interested applicants should visit the 2019 Npower portal and input their email address or phone number to access the dashboard also please note that if the email address or phone number is not registered, then you cannot access the dashboard. The website is easy to use and navigate and you can access the dashboard with a phone or laptop.

The Npower portal for 2020 is different from that of 2019 own so take note of that and also check out other Npower posts that you might be interested in below. The one used for the 2021 application is different also, another portal was introduced for the Npower Batch C programme and we have outlined the URLs for all of them on this website. This portal URL may be modified immediately after the recruitment commences so it is important that you visit this article frequently immediately after the next Npower recruitment commences.

Latest News On NPVN Dashboard

Npower Volunteers Network Dashboard is currently active however, the portal is no longer used for the Npower application because the portal has changed and we urge those planning on applying for Npower recruitment to take note of this information. A lot of vital things would be displayed on the Npower dashboard so ensure that you familiarize yourself with the dashboard.

Follow all the instructions we have provided in this article if you want to have a smooth application process when the application form is released. If in any case the portal URL is changed, then we would update you duly via this article once the recruitment application form is released.

The Npower NAIMS portal is currently in use and there is no other portal that is currently active as of the time of writing this article but ensure that you master how to make use of the Npower NASIMS portal as that is where all the batch application is done.

If you need more information on the Npower Npvn portal, then subscribe to our mailing list or bookmark this page as more we would update it once we have new information.

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