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Npower Test Questions and Answers Is Out|How To Check Npower Test Questions

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The sample questions that those interested in participating in the next phase of Npower recruitment can use to practice are available so those interested should practice the questions below the form is released.

Regardless of the category of your Npower application, you would have to write a test. The past question and answer for Npower test was written especially for those writing the test and those who would be applying for the next Npower recruitment may need it to prepare for their test.

Those who are yet to take the online assessment examination have been asking for a sample of the questions and it is important to take note of the structure of the test by reading the Npower Online Test Portal post , and before you can take the test, you must have created an account on Npower batch C portal and uploaded your credentials on the portal.

Npower Online Test Sample Questions

We have carefully selected some of the possible questions that you would encounter when writing the online test. Below are some of the questions that were asked during the Npower NASIMS assessment test:

1.The capital of Lagos state is ___________

a. Ikorudu
b. Bariga
c. Ikeja
d. Isale-Eko
e. Eko

2. Brazil is a country in _________

a. America
b. Africa
c. Europe
d. Asia
e. South America

3. A reflex angle is ___________

a. less than 90 degrees
b. greater than 90 and less than 180 degrees
c. 160 degrees.
d. Greater than 180 degrees and less than 270 degrees
e. Greater than 270 degrees and less than 360 degrees

The questions above are some of the possible questions that you can encounter during the Npower CBT test that would be conducted for selected persons. If you want to be successful in the Npower Batch C online assessment test, then ensure that you practice the questions thoroughly before taking the test also it is important to note that the test cannot be taken multiple times so you must give it your best in the first trial.

If there are questions you are unfamiliar with, then you can read more on that topic before the next Npower registration commences. Another thing, you should learn to practice with is time because writing a test with time is different from writing it without the time and even if it means practicing with a CBT app, we would advise you to go ahead and do that.

Drop your questions below if you have any question that was not covered in this article also contact us if you want any other past question.

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