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Npower Test Portal 2022- How To Write Npower Test

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Npower Test Portal 2022| It is very important for all those who are participating in different categories of the Npower program to know how to take the Npower Test on the specified test portal. This article would provide adequate information for those intending to take the test.

The test has been concluded for the previous recruitment exercise and it would be activated for the next phase of Npower recruitment so those intending to apply for the Npower 2022 recruitment should read the instructions below to guide them on how to login to the test portal.

This is the official and approved test portal for the Npower Batch C applicants and all those who would be applying for the next Npower programme should know how to navigate the Npower Test Portal and the steps below would guide you on how to accomplish that.

Before writing the test, you must know the test portal, requirements and guidelines as these are the few things that would help you meet the cutoff mark which is a criteria to be selected for the next phase of the ongoing Npower application.

How To Login To Npower Test Portal

Npower applicants in batch C should log in to the Npower portal to write their test and also please note that the test would commence once you have confirmed your application details. To write the test follow the steps outlined below:

  • Login to the test portal
  • Select the category that you applied for.
  • Navigate to the test option.
  • If you are eligible, the test would commence.

Npower Test Subjects

The test would be divided into different subjects like Quantitative reasoning, General Knowledge, and other questions testing basic knowledge of English. All those registering for the Npower Programme are advised to get the past questions and answers as it would contain questions on each of these subjects. It would help you to know the kind of questions to expect when writing the Npower Test.

You can check out the different Npower programs below:

Npower NASIMS Batch C Test Portal

Npower NASIMS Batch C test portal is active and those who applied for the Npower NASIMS recruitment are expected to visit the test portal to write the test. The test questions are 25 in total and try your best to score 20 and above in order to increase your chances of being shortlisted. Only those who meet the cutoff mark would be shortlisted and deployed.

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