Npower Stipends News Today for November 2021| Check Latest News On Npower Payments

Npower Stipends News Today for November 2021| Check Latest News On Npower Payments| If you are a beneficiary of the Npower programme, then this article would provide all the details you need to know concerning the Npower September 2021 payments so ensure that you read this post thoroughly. This is to inform the beneficiaries that the federal government of Nigeria would send payment as at when due to their various accounts.

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Npower Latest News On November Payment

Npower beneficiaries should take note of the information provided in this section because that is the essence of the post. The payment would be processed and sent to the various accounts of the different Npower beneficiaries so ensure that you check your account regularly also note that there might be some delays in payment and this is due to several issues also we urge the beneficiaries to be patient as the federal government has assured everyone that their salaries would get to them at the due time.

When Would Npower November Salaries Be Paid?

Npower has commenced the payment of outstanding salaries owed to Batch A and Batch B applicants and the reason for the delay of the payment was due to payment issues faced by the Ministry. The issue has been resolved and those whose accounts have been cleared for payment would start receiving the five months’ salaries being owed to them. The amount being owed is N150,000 and from the press release by Npower, a total of 9,066 applicants would start receiving payments.

Concerning November salaries, Npower just concluded the payment for the stipends for the month of October, and those who did not get theirs should contact the Npower helpline immediately to rectify the issue.

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