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Npower 2022/2023 Salary Structure|Check Npower Salary & Stipends

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Npower 2022/2023 Salary Structure| Check Npower Salary & Stipends| Do you want to participate in the Npower 2022/203 programme? If yes, then see Npower Salary Structure for the different Npower programs.

Do you want to know how much Npower beneficiaries earn in 2022? If yes is the answer to that question then ensure that you take this guide seriously because we would provide a well detailed Npower salary structure in this article.

We provide updates on the Npower salaries on a monthly basis and this article would provide the latest updates on the Npower May salaries. Every year, searches are made by those intending to register for the Npower programme on the salary structure of the programme. We would provide information on the salaries of each Npower category and this is important because many think that the salary of all Npower categories are equal.

The Salary structure for different Npower programmes differ with some earning more than the other but before we proceed to outline the various salaries for each programme please ensure to read on the different Npower programmes below:

N-power Agro Programme
Npower Teach Programme
Npower Health Programme
Npower Creative Programme
Npower Tech(Software & Hardware) Programme
Npower Build Programme

Npower Programme Categories

Before checking the Salary structure, it is important to note that Npower programmes are divided into six(6) and each of them has its own salary so take note of the figures in the table below. Some of the popular Npower categories include Npower creative, Npower Health, Npower Tech, and Npower Build.

The application procedures for all Npower categories is different and anyone who wants to apply for any Npower category should follow the procedures needed to apply for that specific category that he is interested in registering for.

Npower Salary Structure For The Different Npower Programmes

Below is the salary structure for the different Npower programmes:

Npower ProgrammeSalary Structure
Npower Teach ProgrammeN28,000 -N30,000
Npower Agro ProgrammeN25,000-N30,000
Npower Health ProgrammeN30000-N40,000
Npower Creative ProgrammeN10,000-N30,000
Npower Tech(Software& Hardware) ProgrammeN20,000-N40,000
Npower Build ProgrammeN27,000-N30,000

Npower News On Salary

Do you want to get the latest news or update on Npower Salary? If yes then check our Npower Salary Update article and you would be provided with monthly updates on Npower salary. We have heard that payment of salaries being owed to previous beneficiaries has commenced and those being affected would start receiving their five(5) months’ salaries. Npower has commenced the payments of salaries however, it is only those with validated accounts that can receive payments. Those who are yet to receive their salaries should exercise patience because once the payments have been approved, they would be paid immediately.

Has Npower salaries been paid? This question has been asked by numerous Npower applicants and to check if the salaries have been paid, login to your Npower dashboard to check . If your salary has been cleared, then check your phone for an alert and if you are yet to cleared, ensure that you exercise patience.

Just visit your dashboard to check your status frequently and note that once you have been cleared, that means your payment has been sent to your account so check your phone and contact your bank if need to be to know if you have received your money.

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