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Npower Batch C Physical Verification 2022|See Date and Venue

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Npower Batch C Physical Verification 2022| Those who are in batch C must know that physical verification is compulsory and those who want to undergo the verification should see Npower Batch C Physical verification requirements, dates, and venues.

All those who made the shortlist must undergo the physical verification process and this article would provide information on things that one must note in order to have a smooth verification exercise. The physical verification is for those who made the Npower pre-selection list.

Npower Batch C physical verification exercise is a mandatory process that each Npower applicant must undergo before he/she can be selected as an Npower Beneficiary. Those who made the Npower Batch C stream 2 shortlist should note that the physical verification dates have been announced to the general public.

This post would provide all the information needed for the Npower physical verification and in order to be eligible for the Npower verification, then you must be on the Npower Preselection list. Finally please note that everyone whose name appears on the preselection list would have to undergo physical verification.

For those who have been asking questions like What If I miss the physical verification exercise? Those who missed the physical verification exercise should note that there might be an extension however, if there is no extension, then they would be unable to continue with the Npower application.

Requirements For Npower Physical Verification

Applicants who made the Npower Batch C stream 2 shortlist should come along with the following for the physical verification exercise:

  • Npower Identification Number
  • Complete set of academic credentials.
  • Valid means of identification

Npower Physical Verification Venues

Npower physical verification would hold across designated centers located in the 36 states and applicants are expected to check their email address regularly and other contact details they used during registration to confirm their venues.

To check your Npower Physical verification venue, login to the Npower NASIMS portal via the link, to confirm your venue also, you can use the code *45665# to confirm your venue for the physical verification.

Npower Physical Verification Update

The physical verification date for the Npower batch C stream 2 candidates has been announced by Npower and the verification would commence on Monday, 14th to Friday, 24th June 2022. Those who have been searching for Npower batch C physical verification new date should take note of this information.

Many have also asked questions like What do I do if I miss my Npower Batch C Physical verification exercise. It is very important to note that missing your verification is not the end of your Npower application. Now, those who missed the Npower Batch C1 physical verification exercise should ensure that they join the ongoing Batch C2 for their own physical verification.

If there would be a spill-over batch C verification exercise for those in stream 2 who were unable to make the verification, then we would update you via this article also, those who participated in the batch c stream 2 verification exercise would visit this article to get the latest updates on the next step or procedures to follow.

Npower Batch C Stream 2 Physical Verification Deadline Extension

The Physical verification exercise was for those who were unable to undergo the physical verification during the stipulated dates. The physical verification exercise has ended also, note that there would be no other physical verification exercise.

After the physical verification exercise, those who were successfully verified would be deployed and those who are deployed would be given a deployment letter. The letter would contain information about their PPA and we have provided more information in this article.

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