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Npower NASIMS 2022/2023 Test Update| All you need To Know About Npower NASIMS Test

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Npower NASIMS 2022/2023 Test Update| All you need To Know About Npower NASIMS Test|Get the Latest Update on the Npower NASIMS 2022/2023 test that would be written by those who applied for the Npower NASIMS programme in 2022.

Npower Test is mandatory for all those who applied for the Npower NASIMS programme. Ensure to read this article thoroughly. The test is a very important aspect of the Npower NASIMS application and only those who pass the Npower NASIMS test that would be able to proceed to the next phase of the Npower NASIMS application.

Do you want to get the latest update on the Npower NASIMS test? All the information that you need to know concerning the Npower NASIMS test has been properly and carefully provided in this article. Ensure that you read this article thoroughly.

Npower NASIMS Test

The Test is going to be taken by the Npower Batch C applicants and before you proceed to take the test, ensure that you have uploaded all your credentials to the Npower NASIMS portal by following the procedures outlined in this article.

Facts About Npower NASIMS Test

The Npower NASIMS test is made up of 20 questions and the time allocated is 20 minutes which each means that you have 1minute for each question also note please note that the test cannot be retaken after you have clicked on the Submit button also it is important to note that every question is allocated equal scores so ensure that you answer each question properly. Finally, please note that you cannot skip any questions and If you are timed out after the third attempt without submitting, you will not be able to take the test again.

Npower NASIMS Test Tips

Only those who score well would be allowed to participate in the next phase of recruitment and there is a cutoff mark set for this test and without it, it would not be possible to move to the next phase. If you want to be successful in the test, then there are certain tips and tricks that you must know and we have outlined a few tips and tricks below:

  • Ensure that the device that you are using is fully charged
  • Ensure that you have a strong internet connection
  • Ensure that you read the questions properly before answering
  • Ensure that you submit before the allotted time
  • Ensure that you have writing materials with you in case you are asked to solve a question.
  • Ensure that your credentials are uploaded on the NASIMS portal

How To Take The Npower NASIMS Test

Follow the steps below to take the Npower National Social Investment Management System programme:

  • Visit the Npower Online Test portal
  • Click on Start Test or Click To Proceed
  • Input your NASIMS Verification ID
  • Input your password
  • Click on Continue

Npower NASIMS Test Portal

Npower NASIMS test portal is where the test would be taken and the URL for the Npower NASIMS test portal is and applicants can access the test portal via any internet-enabled device but before taking the test,t ensure that you have a strong internet connection.

This test is mandatory, so ensure that you give in your best when taking the test as you would only be allowed to take the test once and once you are done, the score you get would be the final score. Your test score would be displayed once you have finished taking the test and what you see displayed on the screen would be over 100 also, note that only those who meet the specified cutoff mark would be allowed to proceed to the next phase of recruitment.

Npower NASIMS Test Closing Dates

The deadline for the Npower NASIMS online test is yet to be announced by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs but those partaking in the test are advised to take the test immediately so as to know if they are eligible to participate in the next phase. Only those who meet the Npower Test cutoff mark would be invited for screening.

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