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Npower NASIMS ID Verification Portal 2022|Password Recovery Steps

Npower NASIMS ID Verification Portal 2022|How To Recover Your Password| Password Recovery Steps
|Npower has commenced ID verification for those who migrated to the Npower Nasims portal and this article would guide applicants on how to verify their identity on the portal and also how to recover their password.

Npower ID Verification is a verification that is done for those who want to participate in the ongoing online Npower NASIMS test however, not possessing your password or having the wrong password would make it impossible to write the test. It is important to know how to access your account after you have forgotten your password to your account.

The verification process is a mandatory part of the Npower NASIMS application and anyone who wants to create an account must also be able to recover his/her password in case it goes missing. Recovering your password is very easy and anyone who losses his/her password should not panic as this article would help them to recover it.

Npower NASIMS Online Test

The online test is given to Npower Batch C candidates who recently migrated to the NASIMS portal and the questions are made up of 20 questions with a stipulated time of 20 minutes also, the test cannot be retaken after submission so ensure that you are fully prepared before taking the test in addition, the test is over 100 and your score would be displayed in the form of a percent.

Once the test has been concluded, your score cannot be modified and if what you scored is not up to the official cutoff mark,then you would be unable to the next phase of the Npower Batch C application.

Npower NASIMS Password Recover Steps on

Like we previously stated, possession of the appropriate details or information is crucial for those taking the online test so follow the steps below to recover your password if you have forgotten it:

  • Visit the Npower NASIMS portal
  • Click on Login
  • Input your details and click on Forgot password
  • Select your means of identification
  • Click on reset password

Npower Batch C Update Portal
Npower Batch C Registration Portal
Npower Batch C Shortlisted Candidates
Npower NEXIT Update Form

Anyone who does not undergo ID verification would not be allowed to proceed for the next phase of recruitment and it is one of the mandatory phases of the Npower NASIMS recruitment exercise that is currently ongoing. There is a timeline set for the verification process and ensure that you undergo the verification before the set deadline.

Npower NASIMS ID Verification Procedures

Each applicant must ensure that they follow the verification procedures carefully if they want to be successfully verified. Npower NASIMS ID verification is a mandatory step for anyone taking the online test so follow the steps below to verify your ID:

  1. Visit the Npower NASIMS online test portal
  2. Click on start test
  3. Input your NASIMS ID and Password
  4. Click on continue once you are done to start taking the test

Npower NASIMS ID Number

This is a unique number that you would receive after you update your records on the Npower NASIMS Batch C portal This number is unique to every applicant and this is the only number that you can use to access your NASIMS account.

Now, that you have gotten all the information you need for the Npower NASIMS registration, then ensure that you take adequate note of it before the next NASIMS registration exercise commences. Just follow all the information outlined in this article and you would be well prepared for the Npower NASIMS programme.

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