Npower Batch C Test 2021 CutOff Mark| Check Now

Npower Batch C Test 2021 CutOff Mark|Check Now|Is Npower Batch C test cut off mark out? Npower has released the cutoff marks for the 2021 Npower NASIMS online test and only those who meet the cutoff mark that would be selected for the next phase of the NASIMS recruitment. We urge those participating in the online test to try the best when taking the online test because there would be no second chance after you have submitted also, the submission must be done within the time limit.

What Is Npower CutOff Mark

The cutoff mark is a score that is set by Npower for those who participated in the online test via the Npower NASIMS online test portal and only those who score above the cutoff mark that would be selected.

Applicants are expected to score above 40% but it is advisable to score 70% and above in order to stand a chance of being eligible for the next phase of recruitment.

Npower NASIMS Online Test

The Npower NASIMS Online test is a way of screening out applicants and one must be well equipped if he or she is to pass the online test successfully. The online test consists of 20 questions and applicants are expected to answer all of them within 20 minutes this means that you should allocate 1minute to a particular question.

Npower NASIMS ID Verification Portal
Npower NASIMS Test Portal
Npower NASIMS Test Update
Npower NASIMS Batch C Closing Date

How To Check Npower NASIMS Test Score

The Npower test score would be displayed immediately after you are done taking the test and note that the test cannot be retaken so try your best during your first trial. You cannot retake the test so what you get is what would determine if you would move to the next round.

Npower Batch C Test Closing Dates

There is no information on the closing dates for the Npower Batch C programme and the online test portal is still active however, those who are yet to take the test should proceed to the online test portal immediately and start taking the test.

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