Npower Batch C Biometric Fingerprint Enrollment Capture| How To Capture Your Fingerprint

Npower Batch C Biometric Fingerprint Enrollment |How To Capture Your Fingerprint| Npower Batch C Biometric Fingerprint capture portal has been activated and this article would guide you on how to undergo the biometric capture on your device for free.

This process is a mandatory process and it must be done by all Npower Batch C applicants. Without the biometric fingerprint enrollment capture, applicants would not be able to have a validated account which is a core requirement for receiving their stipends.

About Npower NASIMS Biometric Capturing

Biometrics Capturing is a phase of recruitment where Npower applicants would have to provide a scan of their fingerprint. The aim of this process is to get rid of those who would want to create more than two accounts.

Npower NAIMS biometric fingerprint capturing is currently ongoing and this article would provide the well-detailed steps applicants should follow in order to undergo the capturing process. This process is a mandatory and important aspect of the Npower recruitment and all shortlisted candidates must undergo this process if they want to be shortlisted or given a PPA.

Requirements For Npower NASIMS Biometric Capturing

Before you can undergo the capturing, note that there are some requirements you must possess, and without those things, it would be impossible to participate in the biometrics capturing. Those undergoing the biometric fingerprint capturing should ensure that their Pcs possess the following requirements:

Npower Nasims Test Portal
Npower Nasims ID Verification
Npower NASIMS Test Update

How To Go About The Biometric Capturing

Once you have gotten the following on your laptop, follow the steps below to begin the process:

NASIMS Biometrics Deadline

There is a deadline set for the Biometrics capturing and all those who are participating in the enrollment must do so before the specified deadline. After the deadline, the next phase of recruitment would be announced and those who are yet to undergo the biometrics enrollment would be left behind.

If you encounter any difficulty while trying to follow the outlined steps, drop your comment below and we would find a way of helping you.

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