Npower 2021 Batch C Test Closing Dates-See NASIMS Test Deadline

Npower 2021 Batch C Test Closing Dates-See NASIMS Test Deadline|Did you participate in the Npower Batch C Test or are you about to write your own assessment test? Those who are yet to take the online test due to various reasons have asked questions concerning the closing date for the Npower Batch C online test.

It was announced that those who updated their profile on the Npower NASIMS portal were going to write an online assessment test and only those whose score met the cutoff mark were going to be selected for the net round.

Npower NASIMS Test Portal

Do you want to participate in the NASIMS online test? The Npower NASIMS test portal is and it can also be accessed via the Npower NASIMS dashboard so if you have an account, login with your credentials and proceed to start taking the test right away. Those participating in the online test should take note of the cutoff marks before proceeding to write the test because only those who meet the cutoff mark or score above the cutoff mark would be shortlisted for the Npower NASIMS recruitment.

When Is The Deadline For The Npower NASIMS Test?

There is no deadline whatsoever and the last time we checked, the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has not said anything concerning the deadline for the Npower NASIMS test.

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Npower Batch C Past Questions & Answers

A lot of people who are yet to participate in the test have been looking for clues in order to meet up with the specified cut-off marks and we have an article on that Npower Batch C Past Questions and Answers. Click on the post to find out how the questions look like.

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