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NPA Past Questions and Answers PDF Download| Get POLAC Past Questions| This is to inform those who want to apply for admission into the Nigerian police Academy/POLAC that the past questions is now available and in this article, we would provide a sample of the past questions and also guide you on how to get the past questions.

Why You Should Get The Nigerian Police Academy Past Questions

The Nigerian Police Academy normally holds entrance examinations and it is only those who pass the entrance examinations that would be given admission into the institution so go ahead and order for your past questions.

What Are The Police Academy Past Questions Like

Police Academy questions are like any other entrance examinations that questions are asked on selected subjects and each faculty has the particular subjects under it . We would outline the different subjects under each faculty below where questions are being set on:

Faculty Of Humanities

The following are subjects being set for those applying for programmes under the faculty of humanities:

  • Government/History
  • Economics
  • Literature-in-English
Faculty Of Law

The following are subject being set for those applying for programmes in the faculty of Law:

  • History/ Government
  • Literature-in-English
Faculty Of Science

The following are subjects are covered for those applying for programmes in the faculty of Science

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
Faculty Of Social and Management Science

The following subjects are covered for those applying for programmes in the faculty of management Science:

  • Government
  • Economics

List Of Courses Offered In Nigerian Police Academy
Nigerian Police Academy Admission Requirements

Polac Past Questions Sample

Below are some free Police Academy or NPA past questions you can try your hands on:
1.Which form of marriage recently stirred the international politics?

a. Sharia Marriage b. Gay Marriage c. Court Marriage

2. Boko Haram abducted the Chibok School girls on ________________

a. 14th August, 2013 b. 14th April, 2014 c. 15th January, 2015 d. 14th April 2015

3._____________ is the longest-serving Senate President of Nigeria

a. Sen Bukola Saraki b. Sen. Chuba Okadigbo c. Sen Evans Enwerem d. Sen David Mark

4. Which of these is an act ofaggression?

a. Dancing b. Laughing c. Violence d. Clapping

5. Who is the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Nigeria?

a. Sen. Godwill Akpabio b. Hon. Femi Gbajabiahmila c. Hon. Yakubu Doraga d. Hon. Johnbull Shakarau

6. One of the actions listed below is not an offence in Nigeria?

a. Rape b. Stealing c. Cheatings d. greetings

How To Get The FULL Past Questions

To get the full copy, click on the Whatsapp button to chat us up on our Whatsapp account and we would send you our account details to transfer the specified amount. Once you have paid the specified amount and we have confirmed it, we would immediately send it to you via email.

Alternatively, you can call us via our number +2349065854173 or send us a text message via that number and we would reply immediately we have seen it.

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