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NNPC 2022/2023 Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates|Check PDF Now

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NNPC Shortlisted Candidates 2022|Check PDF Now| Has the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation released its recruitment shortlist?. This post is for those who applied for the NNPC recruitment and were also selected to participate in the NNPC aptitude test that was conducted after the conclusion of the recruitment. It is very important for applicants to know how to check the shortlist after it has been released and this article would guide you on how to check the shortlist.

Those who participated in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation recruitment screening exercise would be curious to know how they can check the shortlist after the screening has elapsed and this article would guide such persons on how to check the shortlist before it is eventually released.

The NNPC shortlisted candidates list contains the names of people who were successful in the NNPC recruitment and this post would outline when and how to check the NNPC shortlisted candidates list so ensure to read the post until the end. After the recruitment deadline elapsed, applicants would be invited for a screening exercise and after the screening exercise, the list of those who were successful would be released, and those who participated in the screening exercise would follow the instructions outlined below to check the shortlist.

How To Check The NNPC Shortlisted Candidates List

The shortlist can be checked by following simple procedures If you want to check if you were shortlisted for the NNPC screening then follow the steps below:

  • Visit the NNPC career page
  • Login using your email address and password.
  • Go to your dashboard to view your status.

If a PDF version of the list would be released, then we would update you via this article however, if the list is not released on the portal or via PDF, then check your email address or phone numbers as those who are shortlisted would be contacted via their contact details.

Is NNPC Recruitment Shortlist Out?

It is important to note that the NNPC shortlisted candidates list for 2022 is yet to be released to the general public so disregard any information that says otherwise as it is false. It is very vital for each applicant to note that there would be a mandatory screening exercise conducted for applicants and shortly after the screening is conducted, then the shortlist would be released.

What To Do Next After Checking The List

If you were shortlisted, then start preparing for your screening as those selected would be made to undergo an aptitude test and only those who pass the aptitude test would be given a job so it is important to start preparing ahead by getting the NNPC past questions and answers. After the Aptitude test then the final list would be released so ensure that you bookmark this page or follow our social media pages to be updated once the final list is released.

About NNPC Recruitment Test

The NNPC aptitude test is an examination taken by those who were selected for the NNPC screening and the Aptitude test comprises several subjects that are known to all of us so in order to be fully prepared, you are advised to get a copy of the NNPC past questions and answer and this would help you to be aware of how the questions are and how to answer them. Finally, bring the following document along with you to the screening venues. The screening exercise may be a CBT or written examination but we urge applicants to prepare for both modes of screening.

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List Of States Included In The List

The NNPC list contains names of people from various states across the country regardless of the candidate’s state of origin. Before applying for NNPC recruitment, there are certain requirements that one must possess and those who possess the requirements and also perform well during the screening or interview would be shortlisted regardless of their state of origin.

In summary, the NNPC recruitment shortlist would contain the names of those from different geo-political zones of the country. Each zone would have a certain number of candidates who were selected on merit after the NNPC recruitment screening exercise or aptitude test.

NNPC Jobs In Nigeria

You can find NNPC jobs in Nigeria on their recruitment portal also, the application would be done via the recruitment portal so read the NNPC Recruitment Guidelines to get more information on what you need to know before and after getting the application form. We know that many of our readers would love to work with NNPC, so ensure that you are on our mailing list.

NNPC Recruitment News

So far, you have gotten all the information that can help you check the shortlist once it has been released and presently, the application form is yet to be released also, the shortlist is also yet to be released by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

Ensure that you take adequate note of all the information provided in this article because once the next NNPC recruitment application form is released to the general public, you would have to follow the exact procedures outlined in this article to apply for the recruitment.

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