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NNPC Recruitment Latest News|Updates On NNPC Recruitment

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NNPC Recruitment Latest News| Get The Latest Updates On NNPC Recruitment| Do you want to get the latest updates o the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation 2022/2023 recruitment? In this article, we would provide February updates on the NNPC recruitment because many job seekers are looking for opportunities in NNPC.

Do you want to get all the updates on the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC) recruitment? This article would provide all the updates on the upcoming NNPC recruitment. NNPC is the regulatory body in the petroleum industry and it only recruits the best people.

Before you continue reading this post, it is important to note the requirements and other information that one needs to know about NNPC recruitment so read the NNPC Recruitment post here also you need to know how to check the NNPC shortlist so once you are done reading the post above, ensure that you read the NNPC shortlisted Candidates and you would be guided on how to check the list of shortlisted candidates.

Is NNPC Currently Recruiting?

This question has been asked by a lot of job seekers in Nigeria and this section would provide an answer to that question. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Recruitment form is yet to be released but we would update this article once the recruitment form is released so to stay updated, subscribe to our mailing list. NNPC has debunked rumors concerning the release of its recruitment form and they further went ahead to inform those intending to apply that the information would be released on their official website and social media pages.

NNPC graduate recruitment is conducted at intervals and the previous recruitment exercise was in 2019. During the previous recruitment exercise that was conducted in 2019, over 200 positions were advertised for by NNPC in several disciplines. More than 20 million people applied for the recruitment and 1,000 persons were selected by NNPC after the recruitment and they resumed duties in 2020.

NNPC Recruitment Form Portal

How Much Is NNPC Salary?

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation salaries are one of the highest and this is due to the fact that it is in the oil and gas sector. Check the NNPC Salary Structure post to see the amount being earned by each position in NNPC. The article would also provide information on the graduate trainee salary.

How Can I Get NNPC Jobs In Nigeria

With each passing year, the chances of getting a job in NNPC become tough but there are certain things that if candidates possess that would give you an edge when applying for NNPC recruitment. To get a job with NNPC, you must do the following:

  • Must possess the necessary requirements
  • Must apply before the recruitment deadline
  • Must perform well in the screening examinations
  • Must show up and be prepared for the oral screening or final interview

Latest News On NNPC Recruitment

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation recruitment form is yet to be released, however, Immediately after it is released, we urge those who are interested to take note of all the information provided in this article. The last time the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation conducted recruitment was in 2019 and the position advertised for was graduate trainee however, we hope that this year would be different. During the recruitment, a total of 1,050 people were employed so it is important to take note of the information provided in our articles if you want to be successfully shortlisted.

As of today, there is no information concerning the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation recruitment. We would provide updates weekly on NNPC recruitment and those interested should ensure that they visit this article frequently. NNPC Recruitment Application Portal Login

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation recruitment portal is www.nnpc and when the recruitment form is released, proceed to the career section and follow the steps in our articles to apply. The two major categories of recruitment in NNPC are experienced-hire recruitment and graduate trainee and the difference between them are the requirements.

Over the years, this has been the recruitment application portal that has been used for the previous NNPC recruitment application and those who want to apply for future NNPC recruitment exercise must know how to navigate the portal before the form is released.

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