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Nigerian Navy Salary and Allowances In 2022| How Much Do Nigerian Navy Officers Earn?

Nigerian Navy Salary and Allowances| Do you want to know how much Nigerian Navy officers earn monthly or per annum? It is very important for those who intend to join the Nigerian Navy to know the salary structure for officers. This post would provide you with all the information concerning the Nigerian Navy salary also we would also expatiate on the ranks available in the Nigeria Navy.

The Nigerian Navy recruitment application form has now been released and since the application is open to both SSCE holders and those with a higher qualification, we urge those applying to read this article before the recruitment application form is released online.

Many who are interested in obtaining the Nigerian Navy recruitment application form have asked questions like how much does a recruit in the Nigerian Navy earn and this is a very good question to ask especially as someone who want to work with the Nigerian Navy.

Do you have an idea of the Nigerian Navy salary structure? This article would provide a detailed summary of the Nigerian Navy salaries for both commissioned and non-commissioned officers. It is important for anyone interested in working with the Nigerian Navy to know the salaries of each officer working with them before the recruitment application form is finally released.

About Nigerian Navy

The Nigerian Navy was founded in the year 1956 and it is a branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces and it is among the largest navies in Africa. The Nigerian Navy has 9 branches and 5 command units with each command being headed by a Flag officer of the rank of Rear Admiral furthermore, the Nigerian Navy has 9 subsidiary companies namely:

  • Naval Dockyard Limited (NDL)
  •  Naval Shipyard Limited (NSYL)
  • Naval Building & Construction Company Limited (NBCCL)
  •  Navy Hotels & Suites Limited (NHSL)
  • Navy Micro Finance Bank Limited (NMFBL)
  •  Navy Maritime Services Limited (NMSL)
  • Naval Exchange (NAVEX)
  •  Naval Engineering Services Limited (NESL)
  • Navy Clearing and Forwarding Services Limited (NCFSL)

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Nigerian Navy Salary Structure

The Nigeria Navy is made of several ranks and before we state the salaries attached to each rank, we would list the ranks first. The Nigerian Navy is made of commissioned and Non commissioned officers and below is a list of ranks under each group:

Non- Commissioned Officers

Non-commissioned officers are the least ranked officers in the Nigerian Navy and the salaries of Non-commissioned officers also differ according to ranks and the following are the various ranks available for non-commissioned officers.

  • Trainee 
  • Ordinary Rating
  • Able Rating
  • Leading Rating
  • Petty Officer
  • Chief Petty Officer
  • Warrant Chief Petty Officer 

Commissioned Officers

Commissioned officers are highly ranked and they are the highest paid. These officers have a higher qualifications compared to their non-commissioned officers who have a lesser qualifications.

  • Mid-Shipman 
  • Acting Sub-Lieutenant
  • Sub-Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant 
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Commander
  • Captain
  • Commodore 
  • Rear Admiral
  • Vice Admiral
  • Admiral of the Fleet

Salaries Of Commissioned Officers

The table below outlines the salaries of Commissioned officers in the Nigerian Navy also please note that these figures are subject to change and we would update this table immediately if there is a change in the salaries of the officers below.

Mid-Shipman ₦118,835
Acting Sub-Lieutenant₦130,852
Lieutenant Commander₦230,652
Commodore ₦615,488
Rear Admiral₦1,003,245
Vice Admiral₦1,113,602
Admiral of the Fleet₦1,358,595

Salaries Of Non Commissioned Officers

The table below contains the salaries of non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian Navy. Non-commissioned officers are the lowest earners in the Nigerian Navy and the table contains all the various ranks that fall under the non-commissioned office and its salary.

Trainee ₦0.00
Ordinary Rating₦45,854
Able Rating₦50, 855
Leading Rating₦70,855
Petty Officer₦80,852
Chief Petty Officer₦90,825
Warrant Chief Petty Officer ₦120,853

If you have any questions or want to make any corrections, then drop it in the comment section below also ensure that you bookmark this page as we would update it regularly.

Nigerian Navy Training Allowance

The Nigerian Navy does not pay any amount of money to trainees but their needs would be catered for such as food though it may be advisable to carry a little amount of money with you when going for screening. This article would be updated on a regular basis so bookmark this page to receive more updates on the Nigerian Navy salary structure.

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