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Nigerian Immigration Service Latest News|Check NIS Recruitment, CBT & Shortlist News

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Nigerian Immigration Service Latest News| Check NIS Recruitment, CBT & Shortlist News|Welcome to the NIS recruitment update page. This page would provide the latest news on the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment form release date, application guidelines, ad other necessary information.

Do you want to get the latest update on the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment? If yes then you are in the right place because this article would provide the latest update on every aspect of NIS recruitment. We would provide the latest update on the Nigerian customs recruitment this month, and the latest news is that the customs recruitment application form is yet to be released to the general public but this article would provide a summary of all the relevant points needed for the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment exercise.

What Is the Latest News On The Nigerian Immigration Service

We have a lot of information to provide to our readers in this article and we would like to urge our readers to take their time and read through this article thoroughly because the information provided in this article is very authentic and updated frequently.

From the information reaching us, the list of shortlisted candidates has been released and applicants should follow the steps in this article to check if they have been shortlisted or they can follow the steps outlined below to check the list:

Shortlisted candidates should note that there would be a final screening of documents and other credentials and anyone whose credentials or documents do not match the ones submitted during the screening would be automatically disqualified.

Is The Nigerian Immigration Service Recruitment Currently Ongoing?

The Nigerian Immigration Service(NIS) recruitment is currently ongoing and a new application portal has been introduced for applicants. The URL used for the previous NIS recruitment is different from the one to be used for the present recruitment and the new URL is

The recruitment application portal as of today is still giving a 404 error and this made a lot of people unable to apply for the recruitment. Just visit this article regularly to get the latest updates on the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment.

Nigerian Immigration Service Training Duration

After the release of the Nigerian Immigration Service Shortlisted candidates list, successful candidates would have to undergo training and the aim of this training is to equip them with the right knowledge that they would need when they eventually become absorbed in the paramilitary outfit. The training duration would be revealed to candidates during the training and after the training, the next phase of recruitment is the documentation exercise which involves candidates submitting some documents.

Nigerian Immigration Service Recruitment Portal

The Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment application portal is where all the applications for the Nigerian Immigration Service would be done and we have carefully outlined the URL of the recruitment application portal in this article to be

Please it is very important to note that this is the official portal for the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment and anyone who really wants to apply should be able to know how to navigate the NIS recruitment application portal once the recruitment application form is released.

Nigerian Immigration Service Recruitment 2022 closing date

The closing date for the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment has been announced and the application would end on July 31, 2022. All applications for the Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment should be done before the deadline except if the deadline is extended.

We have noticed that the recruitment application portal introduced by the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment displays errors at times. Those interested in applying are urged to visit the recruitment application portal at night to apply as it may be available during that time.

For more information on NIS recruitment drop your comments below and follow our social media pages so as to be informed or updated once we publish new updates.

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