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NDLEA 2022/2023 Screening Dates, Time & Venue(Batch 2&3)

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NDLEA 2021 Final Shortlist Screening Dates & Venue| The Nigerian Drug Law enforcement Agency(NDLEA) has announced the release of the second and third batch shortlist for those who applied for the Narcotic assistant’s cadre. They also announced the screening date, venue, and time for those whose names appeared on the shortlist.

It is very important to note that the shortlist would be released in batches and the screening dates for each batch are quite different from each other. We would outline the screening dates for each shortlist so shortlisted persons are urged to take adequate note of these dates before the screening commences.

Now, note that it is very important to take note of the procedures outlined in this article as you would use it to check the next NDLEA recruitment shortlist once it is released. For now, just note that the NDLEA 2022 recruitment shortlist is yet to be released.

We have carefully provided information on the screening dates for both batches and note that only those whose names appeared on the shortlist would be able to take part in the screening exercise. This article has summarized everything so go through it and let us know if you have any issues that need further explanation.

NDLEA Shortlist Screening Dates & Venue

NDLEA Screening for the previous recruitment has been concluded but it is important for those who want to participate in the next round of recruitment to pay attention to the information provided in this section because it would be updated once the next phase of the screening is announced.

Visit this article regularly to know when the screening dates and venue for the next NDLEA recruitment are announced. It would be announced after the shortlist is released so visit this article to know once the shortlist is released.

Congratulations to those who were made the Final shortlist

Requirements For The NDLEA Screening 2022

Shortlisted candidates must have to undergo screening and for each round of screening, there are different screening requirements for the previous final shortlist the following things were required;

NDLEA Final Shortlist Screening Requirements
Original and photocopy of credentials and NDLEA online application reference slip.
5 x 7 colour photograph without cap/hat(4 copies)
Writing materials to include biro, pencils, ruler, notebooks, and file jacket
White (unmarked) round neck vests and navy blue shorts (without stripes)(3 Pairs)
White and black socks(2 Pairs)
Pure black canvas trainers (rubber type NOT acceptable)(2 Pairs)
White bed sheets and pillowcases(2)
Black trousers and white long sleeve shirts(2)
A blanket (grey or army green color)
National dress or suit and casual wear with shoes(2 Pairs)
Bucket, cutlasses, and brooms to be purchased on arrival.

emplug NDLEA Recruitment Portal Login
NDLEA Salary Structure
NDLEA Recruitment

Those who fail to report to the training academy before the specified deadline would have to forfeit their positions so ensure that you appear at the training center before the specified deadline set by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

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