NDLEA Salary Structure|How Much Does NDLEA Pay Its Workers

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NDLEA Salary Structure| See the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency salary structure, and training allowance for various ranks.

Do you want to know how much NDLEA pays its workers?| This article would provide all the information you need concerning the NDLEA salary structure including the salaries for the various ranks in NDLEA. Ensure that you take this guide seriously as this post is a result of thorough research.

The salary structure is a very important information that must be known by all applicants who are participating in the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency recruitment exercise. Each applicant must take note of the salaries attainable to each position in NDLEA before proceeding to apply for the recruitment.

Facts About NDLEA

NDLEA stands for National Drug Law Enforcement Agency and it was founded in the year 1990 and it is a federal government agency that is in charge of eliminating the growing, processing, manufacturing, selling, and trafficking of hard drugs in Nigeria. NDLEA officials are mainly seen in transit points around the country such as airports, land, and sea borders as those are where most of their victims are caught.

Ensure that you read the NDLEA recruitment guide here as we carefully outlined the requirements and how to apply for NDLEA recruitment.

Salaries in NDLEA are paid based on ranks and qualifications determine your rank as those with a higher qualification would be ranked higher and also earn higher than those who have a lesser qualification furthermore, it is important to note that in NDLEA, qualification beats experience as someone with a higher qualification would earn higher than you.

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NDLEA Salary Structure

First and foremost, it is important to note that NDLEA is a paramilitary service so their salary is determined by the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure(CONPASS) and their salaries are paid using this platform also, please note that those with HND are placed on level 7 while those with a degree are placed on level 8.

Graduates on Grade level 8 step 1 earn approximately ₦1,004,805 per annum which means they earn around ₦83,733 per month while those on Grade level 8 step 2 earn approximately ₦1,019,357 per annum plus allowances. NDLEA HND holders on grade level step 1 earn around ₦573,278 plus allowances and that translates to ₦44,773 per month.

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