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Nigerian Customs Service[NCS] Past Questions & Answer Download| See NCS Recruitment Exams Sample Questions

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Nigerian Customs Service Past Questions & Answer Download| See NCS Recruitment Exams Sample Questions

Practicing with past questions is very useful as it gives you a glimpse of how the examination would look like, also, it would guide you on the areas or topics to read when preparing for the examination so we urge you to get the past questions and answer before then. We would provide a sample of the questions so that you can practice with them before proceeding to make an order for the Past questions and answers.

Are you among those selected to participate in the Nigerian Customs Service screening exercise? If yes, then this is to inform you that the past questions and answer is available for those who were selected to participate in the screening exercise.

The Nigerian Customs Service’s past question would not only help you to be prepared but it would also give you a preview of what the questions are like. Once you obtain the past questions from us, you would know the areas to study when preparing for the next aptitude test.

Over the years, those who were shortlisted were made to undergo a screening exercise which is not mostly a CBT examination. Only those who meet the cutoff mark would be allowed to proceed to the next phase of recruitment and those writing the CBT examination must do this in one shot.

Nigerian Customs Service Past Questions & Answer Sample Questions

From our research, the Nigerian Customs Service questions consist of English Language, Mathematics, and General Language. Below are sample questions from the Nigerian Customs Service Past Questions and Answer PDF Download

1. The first Director-General of the Nigeria Customs Service is

a. T.A. Wall b. E.D. Hermit c. Ndi Okereke Onyiuke d. Musa Bello

2. One of the following is not a directorate in the Nigeria Customs Service

a. Customs Tariff and Trade b. Customs Import and Export c. Customs Inspection Directorate d. Customs Investigation Directorate

3. How Many deputy comptrollers do the Nigerian Customs Service have?

a. 5 b. 6. c. 4 d. 3

4. A manifest that lists all cargo carried on a specific vessel voyage is called?

a. Manifest List b. Cargo Manifest c. Ship Manifest d. Cargo Directory

5. What is the meaning of COGSA?

a. Carriage of Goods by Safety Agents b. Carrying of Goods by Shipping Agents c. Carrying of Goods by Sea Act d. Carrying of Goods by Sea Agents

6. What is the first capital of Nigeria?

a. Lokoja b. Lagos c. Calabar d. Kano

General Studies

Below are some of the questions from the General Studies section

1.The former Eastern Region was proclaimed a sovereign nation, Biafra by Odumegu Ojukwu on

a. June 15, 1966 b. May 30, 1967 c. January 10, 1965 d. April 21, 1969 e. April 6, 1968

2. Obanta’s statue is located in?

a. Ilorin b. Ijebu Ode c. Abeokuta d. Ogbomosho e. Ibadan

3. The Kruger National Park is located in?

a. Poland b. Tunisia c. Cameroon d. South Africa e. USA

Quantitative Reasoning & English Language

Some of the sample questions from the English Language and Quantitative Reasoning Section are outlined below:

1.At a recent visit to the reptile house at the local zoo, I counted a total of 27 heads and 70 feet. I was counting snakes, lizards, and people and I know that there were exactly twice as many lizards as people. How many snakes did I count?

a. 7 snakes: 7 people and 14 lizards
b. 6 snakes: 8 people and 15 lizards
c. 6 snakes: 7 people and 14 lizards
d. 5 snakes: 9 people and 11 lizards
e. 6 snakes: 5 people and 16 lizards

2. Our bookshelves at home display a range of books on wide-ranging subjects and in many languages, reflecting the tastes of our family members.

a. anomalous
b. limited
c. arcane
d. furtive
e. eclectic

How Do I Get The Nigerian Customs Service(NCS) Past Questions & Answer PDF

Getting the Nigerian Customs Service Past Questions & Answer is very easy and straightforward. Those who are interested in obtaining the past questions should note that it is N2,000 and payments must be made first before we can send it to your email or whatsapp number.

Ensure that you make payments before contacting us also, note that once you have made payments, then you would have to send payment proof to our number +2349051556423. Once we confirm your payments, we would forward the past question to you immediately

Account Number: 2248555391
Accont Name: Eddy Abasi-Ada Nnabuk
Bank Name: UBA Bank

Drop your comments below if you have any questions also, share this article with those who you feel are interested in getting a copy of the Nigerian Customs Service past questions and answer PDF.

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