Nigeria Airforce Salary Structure 2023| Check Nigerian Airforce Monthly Salary

Nigerian Airforce Salary structure is a very important piece of information that one must take note of before you apply for the Nigerian Airforce recruitment. Regardless of the category of recruitment, you are applying for, you must know the salary structure.

NAF Form screening exercise is currently ongoing and those who are shortlisted should ensure that they take adequate note of the salary structure of officers in the Nigerian Airforce before they proceed with the NAF screening exercise.

About Nigerian Airforce

The Nigerian Airforce was established in the year 1964 after many lawmakers initially rejected its formation but it was later formed after the Nigerian Army had no transport system of its own during peacekeeping missions. Presently, the Nigerian Airforce has 17 bases spread across the country with most of them being attached to airports in that city also, NAF is the largest in West Africa with over 18,000 personnel and they also undergo peacekeeping missions in various African countries.

The section above is very important for applicants because questions might come out from there during the screening exercise or CBT test.

Nigerian Airforce Ranks

The Nigerian Airforce ranks are divided into two(2) groups namely: Commissioned Officers: These are officers who joined the Nigerian Airforce after undergoing a four(4) year programme in a University or any other higher institution.

Non-Commissioned Officers: These officers do not possess a degree and so are given a lower rank until they get their degrees. Non-commissioned officers earn lesser compared to their commissioned counterparts and this is because they possess lower qualifications.

Salaries Of Non-Commissioned Officers

Below is a table showing the monthly salaries of Non-Commissioned Officers in the Nigerian Airforce. From the table below, you can see that these are the least earners in the Nigerian Airforce because of their qualifications and this means the higher your qualifications, the more you earn.

Aircraft PersonN53,000
Lance CorporalN56,000
Flight SeargentN87,000
Warrant OfficerN102,000
Master Warrant OfficerN165,000
Air Warrant OfficerN172,000

Salaries Of Commissioned Officers

As we earlier said, commissioned officers in the Nigerian Airforce are the most highly ranked set of officers and note that the figures in the table above are subject to change at any time. Below is a table showing the salaries of commissioned officers.

Pilot OfficerN187,000
Flying OfficerN218,000
Flight LieutenantN232,000
Squadron LeaderN248,000
Wing CommanderN342,000
Group CaptainN352,000
Air CommodoreN678,000
Air Vice MarshallN1,376,000
Air MarshallN1,486,000
Air Cheif MarshallN1,724,000

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