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Nigerian Airforce 2022 Past Questions & Answers PDF Download|Get Your Past Questions Here

The Nigerian Airforce recruitment application form is yet to be released to the general public but those interested in obtaining the next recruitment application form are urged to be prepared before the next recruitment screening exercise commences.

The Nigerian Airforce BMTC Recruitment application form is no longer available and those who applied are advised to get a copy of the past question via the procedures outlined in this article also, those who would love to obtain the form in the future should also get a copy and start preparing ahead for the release of the next recruitment application form.

It has been observed that many of the questions are being repeated and a lot of people are not aware of this. In order to have an advantage, ensure that you know what the questions are like before your screening date. The questions outlined in this article are sample questions but you would need a full copy of past questions to be adequately prepared.

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment

Why Do I Need The Nigerian Airforce PDF Past Questions?

This is a question that a lot of applicants would ask before trying to purchase the Nigerian Airforce Past Questions and Answers and the aim of getting the past question is for you to have a preview of what the examination would look like before writing it.

One of the major reasons why those applying for the Nigerian Airforce recruitment exercise should obtain the past questions and answer before the form is released is that it would aid those who would be eventually selected for the screening exercise to be adequately prepared for the screening and only those who are prepared would have a higher chance of being selected.

Are you looking for the Nigerian Airforce DSSC 2022 Past Questions and Answer? If yes, then note that this past question and answer can also be used by those who would be participating in the upcoming NAF DSSC screening exercise.

Nigerian Airforce Past Questions Sample

The following are some of the questions that you can encounter during the interview:
1. The June 12 Presidential Election was annulled by President Ibrahim Babangida on

a. June 12, 1993 b. June 14, 1993 c. June 18, 1993 d. June 27, 1993

2. Gombe State belongs to the ________________ geopolitical zone?

a. South East b. South West c. North Central d. North East e. North West

3. The full meaning of OECD is:

a. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development b. Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development c. Organization of Economic Community and Development d. Organization for Economic Community and Development e. Order of the Economic Community and Development

4. Paparada Square is located in:

a. Ilorin b. Lokoja c. Kaduna d. Lagos

5. The former Eastern Region was proclaimed a sovereign nation, Biafra by Odumegu Ojukwu on

a. May 30, 1967 b.  June 15, 1966 c.  April 6, 1968 d. January 10, 1965 e. April 21, 1969

6. Obanta’s statue is located in ___________

a. Abeokuta b. Ibadan c. Ogbomosho d. Ilorin d. Ijebu Ode

7. The Kruger National Park is in

a. South Africa b. Tunisia c. Cameroon d. Poland e. U.S

8.  The official residence of the Secretary-General of the United Nations is in

a. Washington DC, United States b.  New York City, United States c. Birmingham United Kingdom d. Atlanta Georgia, United States e. London

9.Dar es Salaam is the capital of

a. Tunisia b. Turkey c. Zimbabwe d. Sudan e. Tanzania

10. Shanga and Kyenga are ethnic groups in

a. Sokoto State b. Bauchi State c. Niger State d. Kwara State e. Borno State

How To Get The Complete Past Questions

A copy of the past questions and answers is N2,000 only so hurry up and contact us to get your copy now. Make sure that you transfer the amount specified above before contacting us via our Whatsapp contact.

To get the complete past questions, send us a message on WhatsApp via our number or click on the button to send us a message directly.

Account Name: Eddy Abasi-Ada Nnabuk
Account Number: 2252581551
Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Please note that the Ebook costs N1,500 only so when you send us a message, we would forward the account you should pay it into and after we have confirmed payments, you would get the full copy of the past questions. Alternatively, you can call us via this number +2349051556423.

Please ensure that you are ready to make payment before contacting us also, note that anyone who does not make payments to the stipulated account number would not be given the past questions.

We would confirm payment before sending it to your email and if we are unable to attend to you immediately, we would inform you also.

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