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NAERLS Recruitment Portal 2020/2021|| Are you currently unemployed and looking for a job with NAERLS or are you looking for a job in NAERLS? If yes, then this article would give you a well detailed guide on NAERLS recruitment including how to apply, requirements and any necessary and related information.

NAERLS Recruitment Portal 2020

Like we always do, we would give a brief information of the organization as you may be asked during the screening process. NAERLS stands for National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Services and it is related to the Ministry of Agriculture. NAERLS has seven(7) departments namely:

1. Agricultural Extension & Economics.

2. Agric Engineering & Irrigation.

3. Agric Media.

4. Crop & Forestry.

5. E-Extension

6. Food Technology and Rural Home Economics.

7. Livestock & Fisheries.

A lot of questions related to NAERLS recruitment have been asked by our followers and we decided to publish this articles to answer all the questions below>

1. Is NAERLS undergoing recruitment?

2. What are the requirements for NAERLS recruitment?

3. How do I apply for NAERLS recruitment?

4. When is the deadline for NAERLS recruitment?

If your question falls into any of the categories above, make sure you read this post thoroughly as all your questions would be answered.

Requirements for NAERLS Recruitment

1. Applicant should have a degree preferably a Bsc in a related field.

2. Applicant should have an O’level result that meets the minimum requirement.

3. Applicant should have basic computing skills.

3. Applicant should meet the age requirements set by NAERLS

Applicants are advised to have the original copies of their credentials as it may be required.

Read More: NAERLS Recruitment Form Portal

Important Points To Note

1. Application is free of charge.

2. Documents would be scanned and uploaded to NEARLS portal.

3. Only selected candidates would be invited for screening.

Is NAERLS Currently Recruiting?

Presently, NAERLS is not undergoing any form of recruitment so disregard any information that say otherwise.

How To Apply

Interested applicants should visit NAERLS recruitment portal and also bookmark this page as t would be updated once recruitment starts.

When Is NAERLS Recruitment Deadline?

Presently there is no deadline as NAERLS is not undergoing recruitment but when they release a deadline, you would be informed.

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