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List Of Top 5 Medical Recruitment Agencies In Germany(2022)[Updated]

The Medical Field is a highly sought after field in the world and a lot of migrants who major in the medical field and are planning to migrate to Germany might encounter some difficulties when looking for healthcare jobs in Germany. Recruitment agencies are the best, especially for migrants who do not understand german but one to work in Germany. Some of these recruitment agencies are international recruitment agencies and they would make your job search easy because they are multilingual.

Medical personnels are one of the highest-paid professions in Germany and according to Medical Study Guide, Doctors in Germany earn between 71,600 and 101,696 EUR annually before taxes. We know that the salary of nurses and other medical personnel would also be within that range.

If you are looking for nursing recruitment agencies in Germany or recruitment agencies for Doctors planning to migrate or currently reside in Germany, then you are in the right place. In this article, we would provide a list of some of the best recruitment agencies for job seekers who major in the medical field.

List Of Top 5 Medical Recruitment Agencies In Germany

Medical Recruitment Agencies are very rare especially in a country like Germany hence the reason why the list is small compared to the other articles we have written about recruitment agencies. Below is the list of the best renowned Medical recruitment agencies in Germany.

1. Recruiting Germany

Recruiting Germany is one of the top recruitment agencies that specialize in recruiting for medical-related disciplines. Their services include temporary and permanent recruitment and the disciplines they specialize in the recruitment of the following:

  • Doctors/ Physicians
  • Nurses of midwives

Doctors or physicians of the following level or disciplines are recruited: general medicine, cardiology, surgery, pediatrics, anesthesia, neurology, and gynecology while nurses of the following levels or disciplines are recruited: nurse, midwife, surgery nurse, intensive nurse, palliative care therapist, mental health, psychiatric and addictions nurses.

2. Medical Recruiters

This company is managed by well-experienced specialists who have worked in the healthcare field before. The recruitment agency is a multilingual agency also, it is made up of young people. They specialize in the healthcare and medical field.

3. Approach People Germany

Approach people is an international headhunter located in different countries in the world and they specialize in other fields. Approach people specialize in Life Sciences which comprises fields related to the medical world.

4. Hays Germany

Hays is a top headhunting agency in the world and their office in Germany also focuses on top fields like IT however, one of their expertise is Medical Technology which is a medically related discipline.

5. Kelly Services Germany

Kelly Services is a renowned international recruitment agency that is also multilingual. They are present in top European countries in the world such as France, and the Netherlands.

It is very difficult to come across recruitment agencies that specialize in recruiting nurses and doctors but the first two recruitment agencies mentioned above are solely focused on doctors and nurses. Visit their website and let us get a review via our comment section below.


One of the core requirements to practice medicine in Germany is a license and before you proceed to contact any of the recruitment agencies outlined above, open another tab and read up the procedures to obtain a license as a healthcare professional in Germany. Some recruitment agencies would guide you on how to obtain your visa and residency permit which are also mandatory things to live and work in Germany.

The medical discipline is a very delicate discipline and it is mandatory to have a license as a nurse or doctor. Before you can become a licensed medical practitioner, you must pass the certification examination administered once you apply to become a nurse or doctor in Germany.

It is important to read articles that would help you to be prepared for the examination as it is mandatory for all those seeking jobs in the German Healthcare sector to write a qualifying examination.

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