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List of Top 10 English Speaking Insurance Companies In Spain(2022)[Updated]

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Spain by default is not an English speaking country, however, even though Spanish is the most recognized language in Spain, the second language is English. There are numerous Insurance companies in Spain but in this article, we would be focusing on English speaking Insurance companies.

Some of the major insurance companies in Spain provide insurance in English and this article would provide a comprehensive list of the top 10 speaking companies in Spain. You can click on the tile of each insurance company to visit its official website also, we specified the specialty of each insurance company in the description.

List Of Top 10 English Speaking Insurance Companies In Spain

Most of the Insurance companies in Sapin speak Spanish and this is because the lingua franca is Spain however, we were able to gather up a list of those that speak English. Below is a list of the top 10 best English speaking Insurance companies located in different cities in Spain:

1. AXA Spain

AXA is an international Insurance company that is not only present in Spain but in more than 57 countries in the world. The company has divisions and these divisions provide unique services to their customers. The divisions in the company include AXA General Insurance, AXA Winterthur Health, AXA Life, and AXA Pension. Some of the insurance services they provide include car insurance, motor insurance, property insurance, home insurance, accident insurance, savings & pensions, dog insurance, dental insurance, and death insurance.

2. Allianz Insurance Spain

Allianz Insurance is also an International Insurance company that was established in 1890 in Berlin. The insurance services they provide include car insurance, motorcycle insurance, home insurance, Life insurance, van insurance, insurance for companies, savings, and investment.

3. Grupo Catalane Occidente

Grupo Catalana Occidente was established in 1864 and they focus on the insurance and reinsurance sectors. They perform three basic activities namely life insurance, non-life insurance, and others. Life insurance covers property, vehicle, home, casualty, and credit guarantee insurance to mention a few while the other division covers reinsurance, credit and debts.

4. Mapfre Insurance

Mapfre is a global insurance agency that was initially established in 1993 as Insurance Mutual of the Association of Owners of Rural Properties in Spain as a farm insurance provider. The types of insurance they provide include car insurance, motorcycle insurance, home insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, pension plans, and bike insurance. Each of these all has certain features attached to them like the features of the car insurance include third party insurance, all risk insurance, car insurance for young people, and ecological car insurance.

5. Caser Seguros

This insurance company is located in Madrid and it was founded in 1942. The parent organization is Helvetica Insurance. Their insurance plans include individuals, self-employed, companies, and expatriates. Under the individual insurance plan, they have car insurance, motorcycle insurance, home insurance, health insurance, and pets insurance to mention a few. The self-employed insurance covers areas like health, legal defense, vans and cars, and pension plans.

6. Adeslas

Adeslas is a top non-life insurance company in Spain that is owned by Caxia Bank. Their insurance plans are categorized into private insurance, self-employed insurance, business, and mutual insurance. The plans under the private insurance plans include medical insurance, home insurance, car insurance, accident insurance, and funeral insurance.


Aegon was established in the Netherlands and they offer mainly three types of insurance namely health insurance, life insurance, savings, and investment. The Health insurance is made up of the following plans: Aegon Connect, Basic Health, Health Fully Copayment, Complete Health, Complete Reimbursement, and Family Health. The Life insurance plans consist of the following: Aegon essential life, Aegon full life, Aegon Extra life, Aegon Vida duo, and Aegon with you while the savings and investment is made up of the following plans: maximum flexibility, personalized savings solution, and solvency and security.


This is one of the largest medical insurance agencies in Spain and their insurance plans are divided into Health plans, pro plans, and funeral plans.

9. Intasure

This is an international insurance agency and their insurance plans are divided into personal and business. The personal has plans designed mainly for private individuals while the business is designed for organizations.

10. Reale Seguros

This insurance agency provides the following types of insurance: car insurance, motorcycle insurance, and home insurance as its major type of insurance; however, they also provide life insurance, individual accidents, and insurance for expatriates.

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