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List Of Top 10 Best Job Sites In Canada(2022)|See Best Job Sites For Foreigners

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One of the best and most efficient ways of finding a job in Canada is via job sites or job boards. Foreigners who are also looking for jobs in Canada can also make use of the sites outlined in this article and this is because they are international job sites and not only display jobs in Canada.

We have gathered a list of some of the best job sites in Canada and the order in which they appear does not matter also, the sites below have a good user review hence the reason why they are listed below.

List Of Top 10 Best Job Sites In Canada

A Majority of the job sites on this list do not charge and their services are free of charge. Most of them also require you to create accounts before you can access their services.

1. Indeed

Indeed posts around 10,000 new jobs every day in various locations in Canada. The site is like a job aggregator and they allow you to search for jobs via keywords and location. Indeed has over 250 million views monthly and this is because they are one of the highly-rated job sites in Canada.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an app that is made especially for job seekers and they have features that make it more advanced than other social media applications. Once you create a profile on LinkedIn, you can easily apply for jobs by sharing your profile with job advertisers.

3. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder allows you to upload your resume and also create a resume. The website is powered by Google AI and this technology matches job seekers with the best opportunities. With CareerBuilder, you can filter your job search to meet certain criteria like job title, and pay range.

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor has a unique feature that allows you to review companies and also find valuable tips about companies like salaries, benefits, recruitment process, and company culture. Glassdoor has over 600,000 reviews on different companies however, it is important to note that some of these reviews are maybe a little too harsh.

5. Monster

Monster is one of the most viewed job sites in Canada and some of the services they provide include resume uploads, company profiles, networking boards, and resume review services.

6. Eluta

Eluta allows you to mirror down your searches for jobs in Canada. They allow you to search for jobs according to postal code, city, or province. In Eluta, links are provided back to the original employer’s job postings.

7. Simply Hired

Simply Hired not only allows you to search for jobs, but it also allows you to post jobs across various job boards like Indeed, Gethired, and jobrapido.

8. Robert Half

Robert Half is one of the top recruitment agencies in Canada and they also post vacant positions in different Canadian cities. Their job listings are categorized into remote, contract, contract-to-hire, permanent, and full-time contract.

9. Jobboom

Jobboom also allows you to filter your job search according to city, postal code, city, industry, and status. This is one of the top international job sites in the world and those in the United States of America can also use it for their job search.

10. Government of Canada Job Bank

This is the official job website for the Canadian government. They have an English and French version and they have companies displayed in alphabetical order so if you are looking for a job in a company whose name starts in A, you can easily go and find it under the listing for the A alphabet.

We would like to know your opinion via the comment section below also, those who have used additional sites should let us know via the comment section below.

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