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List Of Courses Offered In Borno State University(BOSU)

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List Of Courses Offered In Borno State University(BOSU)| Before applying for admission into the Borno state University then it is important that you know the list of available courses offered in the institution because you cannot apply for a programme that is not available in the institution.

The Borno State University which is abbreviated as BSU is a state-owned institution that was established in the year 2016 and is accredited by the National Universities Commission(NUC). The Borno State University admission process would soon commence and those who would love to select the institution as their first choice institution should take note of all the courses offered before selecting a course of study.

Courses Offered In Borno State University(BOSU)

The Borno state University has six accredited faculties and several departments under them which we would outline below:

Faculty Of Agriculture

The faculty of Agriculture has the following departments:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Animal Science
  3. Agric Economics & Extension 
  4. Agrimony and Soil Science 
  5. Fisheries 

Faculty Of Arts & Education

The faculty of Arts and Education has the following departments:

  1. English 
  2. Literature In English 
  3. Islamic Studies
  4. Educational Management 
  5. Guidance & Counselling 
  6. Arts & Social Science Education
  7. Education/English 
  8. Education/Islamic Studies 
  9. Education/Economic 
  10. Education/Biology 
  11. Education/Chemistry 
  12. Education/Mathematics 
  13. Education/Physics 
  14. Education/Computer Science 

Faculty Of Social Management Science

The faculty of Management Science has the following departments:

  1. Accounting 
  2. Business Administration 
  3. Economics 
  4. Geography 
  5. Mass Communication
  6. Political Science
  7. Sociology 
  8. Criminology and Security Studies 
  9. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 
  10. Public Administration

Faculty Of Science

The faculty of Science has the following departments:

  1. Physics 
  2. Computer Science 
  3. Mathematics
  4. Statistics 
  5. Chemistry 
  6. Biochemistry 
  7. Plant Science and Biotechnology 
  8. Animal & Environmental Biology

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