LAPD Swat Salary Structure|Check How Much Officers In Los Angeles Police Department Earn

LAPD Swat Salary Structure| Check How Much Officers In Los Angeles Personnel Department Earn| Do you want to know how much Los Angeles SWAT Police officer earn? Los Angeles Personnel Department Swat officers are one of the best paid officers and this article would provide an informative guide on how much they earn monthly and annually.

The amount earned by an officer depends on the rank of the officer at that time and the higher the rank, the higher the salary earned and from our research, we were able to find out that the average Police Seargent salary in Los Angeles is around $86,691. Readers should note that these figures can change at any time but take note of the salaries for some positions outlined below.

LAPD Salary Structure

There are different articles for the salary structure of a Los Angeles Personnel department SWAT officer and we were able to get the figures in the table below from The table outlines the salaries of LAPD swat officers.

Officer In The Academy$33.91$70,804
Full Time Police Officer(After completion of the 12 months training)$38.34$80,053
Full time police officer(with two years military or prior law enforcement experience)$39.82$83144
LAPD SWAT Bonuses and Benefits

Every officer is entitled to different bonus packages and benefits and the aim of this is to boost the morale of officers and also encourage them to work harder. Some of the benefits include:

Step Increase: This bonus allows full-time officers to receive an annual pay increase every year while in the same position.
COLA Increase: This bonus allows every full-time officer to receive an annual cost of living allowance every year and the aim is to help them adjust for annual inflation.
Deferred Compensation: This helps officers plan for retirement. The purpose of this is to allow officers to contribute to a deferred compensation plan that is not subjected to state or Federal taxation until it is withdrawn.
Sick Leave and Disability Benefits: Full-time officers receive 12 days of 100 percent paid sick leave, five days at 75 percent, and five days at 50 percent, upon hiring and each year while employed.
Vacation and Holidays: Sworn in officers receive 15 days vacation after a year of service and 23 days after 10 days of service.

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