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Jobs For Skilled & Unskilled Workers In Canada|Apply Now

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The rate of migration to Canada is very high and Canada is in need of Skilled and Unskilled workers. Skilled jobs are those jobs that require degrees or qualifications to secure while unskilled jobs focus more on the applicants’ technical abilities or skills.

Now it might interest you to note that more than 90,000 work permits are allocated to immigrants or international graduate students in Canada and this statistic alone proves the point that workers are in high demand in Canada.

The Agricultural sector is one sector that is seriously booming in Canada and there are lots of companies that require workers in the Agricultural sector according to an article by Canada Immigration. There are recruitment agencies that can aid you to secure a job in Canada with visa sponsorship. We have outlined some of those recruitment agencies in the article below.


Some of the sectors with the highest demand for both skilled and unskilled workers include the healthcare sector, the Agricultural sector, the Agri-food processing sector, the Construction sector, and the hospitality sector.

Best Jobs For Unskilled Workers In Canada According To Sectors

We clearly stated the sectors with a high demand for workers in Canada and in this section, we would outline some of the best jobs for unskilled workers in each sector mentioned above.

  • Health Sector: Homecare providers, Caregivers, Cleaners, and Janitors
  • Agricultural Sector: Farmworkers, Harvesting Labourers, Truck Drivers, Dairy workers
  • Construction Sector: Welders, Carpenters, and Metal Workers
  • Hospitality Sector: Bartenders, Caretakers, and Maintenance Workers

How To Get A Job In Canada As A Skilled/ Unskilled Worker

There are many ways to secure a job and one of the best ways would be via job sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or other sites like Canadian Job Bank which happens to be the most recommended site to utilize.

Every foreign worker in Canada regardless of the type of job would need to obtain a work Visa. There are basically two types of work permits in Canada namely Temporary Work Visas and Permanent Work Visa/Immigrant Work Visa.

The temporary work visa is further classified or divided into the following: Temporary Foreign Workers Program, Open Work Permit, Working Holiday Visa, and Post Graduate Work Permit. You can read about Canadian work visa application guidelines from the article here.

In addition to this, you would also need to know how to obtain a residence permit especially if you are applying for a temporary job. Finally, note that there are immigration programs that one can apply for to obtain a job in Canada and some of those programs include: the Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot, the Provincial Nominee Program, Express Entry, and the Atlantic Immigration Program.

Minimum Wage For Unskilled Workers According To Cities

It is important to the amount being paid to workers in various Canadian cities as this would aid you when choosing the city you would love to work in. According to Canda Immigration, below is the minimum wage in various Canadian cities:

  • Alberta – $15
  • British Columbia – $15.20
  • Manitoba – $11.95
  • Quebec – $13.50

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