JAMB Literature-In English Past Questions and Answer PDF Download

JAMB Literature-In English Past Questions and Answer PDF Download| This is to inform those who are writing Literature-in-English in the Joint Admission Matriculation Board that the past questions and answers are available and those who want to score high should get it and start practicing ahead.

Past questions are very vital especially if you want to score a high mark also please note that practicing past questions ahead does not guarantee that you would score high in JAMB so ensure that you also read up on the areas that you fail when trying to solve the past questions because this would prevent you from failing the course again.

Jamb Literature-In-English Past Questions and Answers

1.” Busy old fools, unruly sun why windows and through curtains call on us?” The most vivid figure of speech in the line above from Donne’s The Sun Rising is
a. Smile
b. Diction
c. Personification
d. Pun

2.The allusion in Hughes’s The Negro Speaks of Rivers is mainly
a. biblical
b. classical
c. literary
d. historical

3. In Adeoti’s Hard Lines, Sodium Cyanide is?
a. poisonous
b. adhesive
c. sweet
d. fragrant

4.In owonibi’s Homeless, not Hopeless the persona explains that street beggars
a. Always worry about heaven
b. Attend Conferences in towns
c. Are concerned with their daily needs
d. Rarely sleep and dream

5.The poet persona in Serenade is a
a. Suitor
b. Mother
c. Spinster
d. Passer-by

6.In Cheney-Coker’s myopia, peasants refers to
a. Under-privileged masses
b. Politicians
c. Farmers
d. Rural Dweller

7. In Angira’s expelled, the poet persona laments the?
a. Loss of his property
b. Harrowing experience from the stranger’s visit
c. Prescience of the strangers
d. Problem of his family and their economic implications

8.Fletcher’s Upon An Honest Man’s Fortune achieves its lyrical effect through the use of ?
a. Synecdoche
b. Anthitesis
c. enjambment
d. Ballard

9. Rhythm is achieved in Raleigh’s The Soul Errand through the use of?”
a. Metaphor
b. Alliteration
c. Repetition
d. Antithesis

10. The title of Umeh’s ambassador of Poverty is?
a. Repetition
b. Simile
c. An alliteration
d. An irony

11. The repetition of a consonant sound in quick succession for sound effect is?
a. Alliteration
b. Pun
c. Onomatopoeia
d. Assonance

12.A play in which the acts succeed one Another without probable or necessary sequence is?
a. Episodic
b. Simple
c. Linear
d. Convoluted

13. A technique by which a previous scene or action can be recalled in a play to shed light on the present action is?
a. Climax
b. Flashback
c. Interlude
d. Cathersis

14. Criticism is a literary activity that seeks to?
a. Find faults in a literary work?
b. Analyze and evaluate a literary work
c. Compare and Contrast novels
d. Discover the beauty of literary work

15.A situation where an actor addresses the audience without the other actors hearing him is called?
a. Soliloquy
b. Chorus
c. Aside
d. Solo

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