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ICPC 2022/2023 Past Questions & Answer PDF Download

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ICPC 2022/2023 Past Questions & Answer PDF Download| See how to download the ICPC past questions and answer PDF

Those who would love to participate in the ICPC recruitment exercise should note that there would be a screening exercise conducted for those who made the shortlist. The exercise in most cases would be a written examination that comprises of different subjects. After you have completed the examination, then what you score on each individual paper would be summed up to give you your total score.

Due to the advent of technology, the screening exercises are now CBT-based tests and the test would be done online via the ICPC test portal. Once you are done, your score would be displayed in form of a percentage. Only those who meet the cutoff make would be able to proceed to the next phase of the recruitment hence the reason why you would need the past questions & answers.

Before the next ICPC screening exercise commences, it is advisable that you get a copy of the past questions and answer if you are really interested in obtaining the next recruitment application form once t is released also if you are not ready to obtain the past question, then you can practise with the sample questions outlined below.

It is very advisable to get a copy of the past question before the recruitment application form is released to the general public as it would help you to be adequately prepared ahead of the next ICPC online test which is a core process of the ICPC recruitment.

Why Do I Need The ICPC Past Questions & Answer?

Most questions are repeated and after taking the test, you would not be able to correct what you have written. The past questions and answers would give you an advantage over those who are yet to get their own copy. It would also serve as a guide on what you should read in order to be prepared for the screening.

With the past questions and answer PDF, you would be able to know the format of the question set during the ICPC screening exercise and this can go a long way in helping you to be successful in the ICPC recruitment screening test/ CBT examination.

The past questions and answers would help you to be well prepared before the screening exercise commences and the sample questions below show some of the questions one should expect before the screening commences. Another reason why you would need the ICPC past questions and answer is because the past questions and answer would show you the format which the questions would look like and this is very helpful because you would be able to know what the questions look like before the test.

ICPC 2022/2023 Past Questions & Answer Sample Questions

It is important to get some sample questions before proceeding to make payments for past questions. In this section, we would provide a list of some questions from the past questions and answer that you can use to practice before getting your own copy.

The ICPC recruitment test would comprise of questions from different disciplines like Mathematics, English Language, and Current Affairs. Below are some of the sample questions that may be asked during the ICPC CBT test:

1.We keep food in the __________________ to prevent spoilage

a. Shelve

2.Scientists perform experiments in the __________________

a. Library

3.Which of these seasons is not present in Nigeria __________________ ?

a. Winter

4.Which of these is a domestic animal __________________?

a. Snake

5.In whose tenure was ICPC Inaugurated __________________ ?

a. Olusegun Obasanjo
b.Umaru Musa Yaradua
c.Sani Abacha
d.Abdusalami Abubakar

6.When was the National Youth Service Corps established __________________?

a. 1960

7.How many countries make up Africa __________________ ?

a. 55

8.The first Inspector General of the Police Force was __________________?

a. Teslim Balogun
b.Ademola Adetukunbo
c.Louis Edet
d.Elias Balogun

9.Where is the headquarter of U.N is located where __________________ ?

a. Washington
b.New York

10. UNO was founded in San Francisco in __________________?

a. 1945

Those who are interested should send the payments of N2,000 to the account details below

Account number: 2252581551(Zenith Bank)
Account Name: Eddy Abasi-Ada Nnabuk

Once you have made payments, Send payment proof via Whatsapp to our number +2349051556423 and you would get your copy right away. Please ensure that you have made payment before contacting us as we would only send the past questions t those who transferred the stipulated sum outlined above.

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