How To Score Above 300 In JAMB|Secrets To Scoring High In JAMB

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How To Score Above 300 In JAMB| Secrets To Scoring High In JAMB| Scoring high in JAMB is everybody’s dream but it is unfortunate that only a few people know the secrets as it always said Information is power so if you want to score 300 and above in the upcoming JAMB easily, then this article would reveal the secrets that would help you do that.

A lot of candidates have been asking questions on how they can score high in JAMB some even go as far to ask if it is possible to score high without reading and the answer to that questions is no because success does not come cheaply so if you are really interested in scoring 300 and above, then follow the secrets outlined below:

  • Practice Past Questions Frequently
  • Study With The Recommended Text Books and Syllabus
  • Practice with Time
Practice Past Questions Frequently

One of the top secrets to scoring high in JAMB is to practice past questions frequently but note that practicing past questions alone would not give you a high score. Once you have finished a particular year, ensure that you take note of the questions you failed and read up that topic also get the past questions for the subjects you are writing and draw out a personal time table. For example, if I am writing Mathematics, English, Chemistry, and Physics, my timetable would be like this

Days of the weekSubject Combination
MondayMathematics & Chemistry
TuesdayRevision For Mathematics & Chemistry
WednesdayEnglish & Physics
ThursdayRevision For English & Physics
FridayMathematics & Chemistry
SaturdayEnglish & Physics
SundayRevision For Any Subject

When answering past questions, ensure that you are sincere when marking because we have noticed that a lot of people do not like to fail themselves especially when they are performing poorly.

Study With The Recommended Textbook & Syllabus

JAMB has recommended textbooks and that is why it is important that you go through the CD given to you after you have registered because you would only get the Syllabus and required textbook for each subject from there.

Practice With Time

The JAMB examination is written with time so do not take the whole day when trying to answer one question because that is a waste. There is an app that can help you time yourself when practicing for the JAMB examination and it is known as the JAMB CBT Software so ensure that you follow the instructions in that article to get yours and start practicing right away.

Ensure that you implement the steps outlined in this article and you would be shocked at your result also check how to register for JAMB here.

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