How To Check Your Airtel Number With USSD Code

How To Check Your Airtel Number With USSD Code| Are you an Airtel subscriber and want to know how you can check your number? Airtel Network is one of the most used phone networks in Nigeria and there are times when one can forget his/her number and one of the reasons is that the number is either new or he/she has a lot of other numbers in his head.

The best way to check your Airtel number is with USSD code but before then, a lot of questions have been asked concerning how to check your Airtel number and this article would provide answers to questions like:

  • How can I check my Airtel phone number and know?
  • What are the short codes to check your phone numbers?
  • How do I know my Airtel number details?
How To Check Your Airtel Number With USSD Code

Follow the steps outlined below to check your airtel phone number with Ussd code:

  • Insert your Airtel sim card into your phone
  • Dial *121# and the following would appear
    1. NIN Capture
    2. Buy Bundle & Services
    3. Manage My Account
    4. Borrow Credit & other self-services
    5. Billing & Tariff
    6. Bank Codes
    7. KYC
    8. Next
  • Select 3 and the following below would appear
    1. My Data Balance
    2. My Data Plan
    3. My Number
    4. My Tariff Plan
    5. KYC Status
    6. My PUK
    7. My Serial Number
    8. #Previous Menu
  • Select 3 and your number would be displayed on the screen.

If you have followed the steps outlined above, then you would see your number displayed on the screen so ensure that you make no mistake finally please subscribe to our mailing list so as to be informed once we publish a new post.

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