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How To Calculate the Volume, Surface Area Of A Rectangular Prism| Rectangular Prism Calculator

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This article would provide the formula to calculate the volume and area of a surface area also, in this article, you would be able to use the Rectangular prism calculator to calculate the volume of a rectangular prism.

Definition Of A Rectangular Prism

A rectangular prism is a three-dimensional shape that has six faces with all the faces being rectangles. If you want to have a picture of what a rectangular prism looks like then carve out the image of a matchbox in your mind.

How To Calculate The Volume Of A Rectangular Prism

The formula for calculating the volume of a cylinder in w*h*l and we would list out the parameters below:

w stands for width
h stands for height
l stands for length

How To Find The Surface Area Of A Rectangular Prism

The formula for calculating the surface area of a rectangular prism is 2(lw + lh + wh) with the parameters w, h, and l having the same meaning as the ones above.

Rectangular Prism Calculator

The rectangular prism calculator is used to calculate the surface area and volume and all you need to do is input the values in the field and the output would be displayed.

Rectangular Prism Calculator
l =
w =
h =
d =
total surface area
Stot =
lateral surface area
Slat =
top surface area
Stop =
bottom surface area
Sbot =
V =

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