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How To Calculate The Volume Of A Cylinder, Surface Area, and Radius

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This article would guide you on how to calculate the volume, surface, area, and radius of a cylinder but before we proceed, it is necessary to know the definition of a cylinder.

A cylinder is a three dimensional object whose two flat ends are circles and they are connected with a tube-like shape and examples of cylindrical objects include a candle, fuse, pipe, and beaker to list a few.

In mathematics, there are two types of cylinders namely an open cylinder and a closed cylinder and an open cylinder has only one circle this means that the top is open while a closed cylinder has two circles.

How To Calculate The Volume Of A Cylinder

The volume of a cylinder can be calculated using the formula πr2h, and the symbol π stands for 22/7 or 3.142 while r is the radius and h is the height of the cylinder.


Calculate the volume of a cylinder with a diameter of 20cm and height 2cm

Using the formula πr2h, the answer would be 22/7*10*10*2 = 628.4cm

You can convert it to any S.I unit of choice but your answer should correspond with the S.I unit being specified in the question.

Surface Area Of a Cylinder Formula

The formula for calculating the surface area of an open cylinder is πr2h + 2πrh for a cylinder with one side open and the formula for a closed cylinder is 2πr2h + 2πrh and this formula is also known as Total Surface area.

Volume Of a Cylinder Calculator

With the cylinder volume calculator, you can calculate the value of a cylinder by inputting the base radius and height and once you have done that, you would select the unit you want your answer to be shown.

Cylinder Volume Calculator

Base Radius (r)
Height (h)

Volume Of A Cylinder In Litres

Like we earlier stated, the unit your answer would be in is determined by the question but the unit used in most questions are metres and centimetres. if the unit in your question is in metres, then you would have to convert it to litres.

Drop your questions below if you have any questions also let us know what you think of the Cylinder volume calculator.

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